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5 Best Medicinal Herbs To Try In 2021


We live in a world of prescription medicines. How much are we aware of the impact of powerful herbs on humans? Medicinal plants are an alternative approach to healing and boosting physical and mental well-being. At the beginning of the 21st century, WHO recognized 11 percent of the 252 essential drugs of flowering plant origin. Several people are turning back to the medicinal plants for their assured healing rate with no side effects.

However, knowledge of such plants and herbs is much less than prescription OTCs. With herbal choices emerging as the new normal after the global pandemic, let us expand our understanding of five herbs to explore in 2021.

1.   Kratom

Kratom is a native plant of South East Asia that has been in use for centuries for its medicinal powers. Red maeng da kratom is one of the popular strains for pain management, which has similar alkaloids as morphine without the adverse effects of dizziness. It has antidepressant properties and may lift your mood naturally. Red kratom strain reduces lower back pain, helps counter irritable bowel syndrome, relieves anxiety, and improves sleep.

2.   CBD

The leaves and flowers of the CBD plant hold high esteem for their medicinal and therapeutic properties. CBD Oil is the next generation ointment for aching muscles, nerves, and chronic pain.

CBD’s popularity is becoming a rage among athletes and muscle-building adults. Moreover, it can help treat anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, type 1 diabetes and allow people to quit smoking.     

3.   Flaxseed

This plant-based food is not only a delicious addition to soups, porridges, and gravies; it contains powerful antioxidants and fiber to fight harmful free radicals. Most people use it as a dietary supplement to help prevent constipation, high cholesterol, diabetes, breast cancer, and other mild to severe ailments. Add flaxseed oil to cooked dishes and take ground flaxseed with plenty of fluids to prevent digestive problems.

4.   Chamomile

The chamomile plant is your backyard medicine. This high-profile medicinal herb helps calm body inflammation and is excellent for irritable bowels, gastrointestinal ulcers, anxiety issues, and skin-healing. Drink it as a tea to help you relax from everyday stress. Other than liquids, you can also consume chamomile herb in tablet or capsule form. You can choose between German chamomile for the sweet tea and Roman chamomile for your house-gardening, which makes a sweet essential oil.    

5.   Lavender

Are you suffering from repeated anxiety? The lavender essential oil extracted from the aromatic purple flower will help you combat anti-anxiety. This medicinal herb has sedative properties to help you get the sleep you missed out on. It is best for skin application, not for oral consumption.

Final Thoughts

Grow these medicinal herbs in your backyard to savor nature’s goodness. Talk with your healthcare provider to know the right intake of these medicinal herbs in your family.

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