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Advisory Team To Lead Harare In Achieving World Class City Status Appointed


By Tatenda Mujeyi

The Minister of State for Harare Province, Eng Oliver Chidawu has appointed an advisory team that will help him steer his Ministry’s efforts to regain world-class status.

The team, which comprises acclaimed city businessmen, veteran residents, senior management of reputable companies and young city enthusiasts will assist the Minister in reaching out to residents.

“The advisory board we have established is comprised of well-established and seasoned Harare statesmen who have interest in realising the improvement of the City. We believe this board will assist us to interact with residents so as to meet improved service delivery,” Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution in Harare Metropolitan Province, Eng Oliver Chidawu said.

The board comprises representatives from Harare City with other dormitory towns yet to submit their names by time of board’s announcement and inaugural meeting on the 3rd of this month.

“We are yet to announce more names since we are still considering names from Ruwa, Epworth and Chitungwiza who had not yet submitted their recommended names by the time we held our inaugural meeting,” Eng Chidawu said.

The board has put sanitation and water as the main focus areas while other key areas including transport, infrastructure, and health are considered critical.

“We are going to start with water and sanitation as the key start up areas. Considering that status of our cities, we need to shift from the primitive position of having a country that is hard hit by cholera, typhoid and which show primitive cities,” Eng Chidawu said.

The Engineer added that Harare Metropolitan will adopt a cluster approach in its operations. The following will be considered: Town and Regional planning; Infrastructure; water and sewer sanitation; transportation planning, waste management and investment and wealth creation opportunities.

The Minister emphasised the need to strategise for the redressing of challenges that the city continually faces owing to natural and human complications.

“The magnitudes of challenges facing Harare Metropolitan area have gone beyond the current capacity of local authorities to address, given the reasons stated earlier, and including, mismanagement, corruption, disorderliness, and non-compliance to planning principles as well as many other factors,” he said.

The board is comprised of the following members Prof W Sadomba, Mr S J Chihambakwe, Mr. T Maswiswi, Mrs L Mupona, Mr. A Mazarira, Mr. F Vheriwa, Mr. T Ndebele, Mr. Devinnish, Mr. J Manley, Amb M Mubi, Mr. M. A. Masunda, Mr. K Katsande, Dr. Lennieye, Mr. D Hoto, Mr. S. Kambarami, Mr Munyati, Dr. R Mupawose and Dr. T Zinyama.

The board will operate on a voluntary basis and is not constitutionally obliged but merely a structure which will assist the Ministers Office.

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