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Agree on an African or local solution to the alarming situation: PAP urges Libyans


The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) is monitoring the social, humanitarian and security situation in Libya with great concern. The Parliament rejects and condemns the suffering of the Libyan people and urges them to agree on an African or Libyan solution to the alarming situation of the country.

It has noted the latest escalations of violence in the country, which further accentuate the plight of the people, with the risk of jeopardising its future. The Libyan people have been held hostage for several years in a situation of distress and remain at the mercy of the mercantile machinations of the belligerent parties, both internal as external.

The Pan-African Parliament therefore condemns in the strongest terms the continuation of any military action in Libya, which undermines peace efforts and contributes to the escalation of the conflict.

Reiterating its attachment to the unifying role of Tripoli, the capital city, for all Libyans, which remains a red line not to be crossed, the Pan-African Parliament urges the cessation of military hostilities by the Libyan parties of the conflict and the resumption of inclusive political dialogue to achieve a consensus that prioritises the general interest of the country.

‘Above anything else, such a solution should focus on consolidating the cohesion of the Libyan people and the protection of Libya’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

“The Pan-African Parliament also calls on the International Community and the United Nations (UN) Security Council to implement measures that will lead to a more effective cease-fire and revival of the political process. These solutions should be carried out within the framework of regional and international coordination towards a common goal and in strict observation of the relevant aspects of international law,’ read the continental lawmakers’ statement.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende