Apostle Wellington Gweru: Set apart as the prophet of God for all nations

Apostle Gweru

By Byron Mutingwende


In the dormitory town of Chitungwiza is a vessel of God whom many do not know but like a dynamite, is waiting to explode as he will be unleashed to the world to heal multitudes and deliver them from different problems.


Apostle Wellington Gweru performs extraordinary miracles in Chitungwiza and is the Founder and Leader of Mercy Fire Outreach, a church that is growing in leaps and bounds. The church is located just opposite the Mukanya Shops at Unit C suburb in Unity K, in the Seke area of Chitungwiza.



Apostle Gweru said there is need for mankind to cross over to their God Given destinies but due to various problems brought about by the devil, there seemed to be no progress.


“In Mark 4, we hear Jesus commanding his disciples to take a boat and accompany him to the other side of the sea. While they were crossing, a storm came and threatened to wreck the ship. The storm signifies evil spirits that make people to lose their wealth, life, children and other possessions given to them by God.


“People face challenges when they are about to cross to their victories. As a servant of God, I break the powers holding back people from attaining success. My background is not colourful but God set me apart as a prophet and Apostle to the nations.”



Apostle Gweru was born in the Samambwa area of Zhombe in the Mashavave Village on 10 April 1981 in a hut with traditional midwives. He grew up with his maternal uncle who was an evangelist and an elder of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe. The family migrated to Sanyati and later resettled in Muzarabani. He did his primary education at Jompani Primary school in Sanyati. He later went to Chimoio Primary School in Muzarabani and later on Hoya Primary School in Muzarabani. For secondary education, he went to Centenary Secondary School. After that he joined the AFM Church and became a musician and started composing songs. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied that Apostle Gweru was not a musician but a Man of God.


“After the prophecy and prayers from Prophet Makandiwa, I started to perform miracles like commanding hands to grow, pray to people to open their eyes to see angels and so forth. I later on enrolled for Bible studies at Soul Travailing Bible under Reverend Tony. I left Tony’s College and finished up my Bible at His Presence Ministries led by the late Apostle Chiriseri. Prophet Eubert Angel anointed me as a prophet and so did Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of ECG, Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries and Prophet Samuel Akinbondunse of FANO TV,” Apostle Gweru said.

One of the people prayed for is Amai Chitimbire born Mavis Chikeke. “I had a problem of having babies but when the Apostle prayed for the fruit of the womb, we were prayed for together with my husband. We wanted a baby boy and true to the prophecy, we received the baby boy on 25 December 2018,” Amai Chitimbe said.


A Mrs Masara from Gokwe testified that she was shocked by the death of her husband in 2014. Due to the gravity of the loss, she got into a comma and was prayed for by Apostle Gweru and she was happy that she came back to life. Ever since, the incident, she is a member of Mercy Fire Outreach Ministries.


Letwin Gwede from Unit C in Seke, Chitungwiza had a growth in the mouth and nose. She visited Apostle Gweru for prayer.


“In 2017, I developed a growth in the nose and mouth. I heard about Mercy Fire Outreach through Pastor Chipaurendo. When I heard about miracles performed by Pastor Gweru, I visited the church for prayers. When Pastor Gweru prayed for me, the growth just started to grow some pus and as the pus came out, the growth just disappeared eventually. I say Glory to the Almighty God. I have heard about many people that even go out of Zimbabwe to countries like India but still fail to get healed despite parting away with huge amounts of money. To me salvation came freely and to this day I thank God for healing,” Ms Gwede said.


Fungai Sande from Unit M in Seke, Chitungwiza also testified of the glory of God through Apostle Gweru.


“Both my babies from the first marriage were through Caesarean. My first-born was born in 2003. The second born was born in 2010. My current pregnancy gave me sleepless nights. When Apostle Gweru prayed for me, the pain went away. I had a problem of little blood but when I was diagnosed after prayer, the problem had disappeared again. My problems went away after the Apostle broke a clay pot as a gesture of destroying the machinations of witches against my life. I am expecting my baby this week and I am confident I will have normal delivery,” Ms Sande said.


Pastor Justice Munemo joined the church in 2015.


“I was diabetic when I joined Mercy Fire Outreach Ministries. Apostle Gweru prayed for me and when I went back to the doctor for check-up results revealed that I was no longer diabetic. I stopped taking tablets for diabetics since then and I haven’t had any problems up to this day. He also prayed for a financial breakthrough in my life. After the prayer, I bought a stand in Dema area of Seke and we have started building. I say glory be to the God of Apostle Wellington Gweru,” Pastor Munemo said.


Overseer Terrence Mawapo met Apostle Gweru when he was preaching in the streets of Harare in the year 2011.


“I have witnessed amazing miracles through Apostle Gweru. The miracles are too numerous to mention. At one time, I witnessed witches and wizards dying. A traditional healer from Chipinge who had incest with his daughter died after the Apostle prayed for her daughter who was a member of Mercy Fire outreach. A certain lady who had challenges finding work and promotion was prayed for and everything is now working for her.”


APOSTLE WELLINGTON GWERU CAN BE CONTACTED ON PHONE NUMBERS: +263779 458 075; +263771 522 957; +263774 916 094; +263771 531 713


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