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Becoming a Person of Impact: The Six Pack Approach

By Kudzanai Vere

“And let them have dominion…” Genesis 1:26b.

Life was never meant to be ordinary right from creation. Human beings are a unique species on planet earth with the capacity to make things happen, yet most people live average and mediocre lives against God’s will. You were created to dominate, to be impactful, and to be of influence, with creative energy locked within. You have to unlock the creative power within. You have the master key to your greatness. No one besides you can stimulate and bring to life the person you should become, who is currently lying abused within.

Living a dreary, insipid and ordinary life is a sin in God’s eyes for it is against His command to human kind. Life is meant to be full of progress and not just activity therefore you have to be different. Challenge yourself to make progress beyond the call of duty. Take visible and massive decisive steps forward and towards your dream land. You are fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose you must strive to fulfil in life and to make a positive difference on the face of the earth.

Leave a positive mark for generations to come. If you die today, what are you going to be remembered for? If you are not comfortable with your answer to this, do something now and make a difference.

The Six Pack Approach takes you through six distinct stages that one has to undergo to become a person of impact. 

The first chapter takes about DISCOVERING SELF, which is foundational to the journey of becoming a person of impact. Once one has discovered self, the next and equally important step is to ORDER / REORDER YOUR LIFE.

This is a decisive chapter that seeks to align the new self with the realities of life. I know quite a number are so comfortable in their disorder, but to become a person of impact, one needs to have a modicum of order. 

After having ordered oneself,  waste not time, EMERGE. Come out on the open and register your foot print in the market. 

One of the proven ways to register your presence is to establish mutually beneficial NETWORKS, an aspect which is extensively covered in the fourth chapter of the book. We all know quite a number of individuals who became irrelevant in the marketplace due to failure to improve themselves.

I am glad the book addresses issues of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in its chapter five before winding up with the sixth chapter titled TRANSCEND.
Transcend talks of going beyond where ordinary men can go. This is a more productive phase which very few will manage to achieve.

It calls for calibrated effort and crystallized wisdom. The primary focus will shift from your own business to developing others, communities and nations in a more pronounced way. It’s quite fulfilling to note that, as you focus on developing others, your fame grows and your business stands to benefit in a tremendous way than before.

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