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Climate Change Champion Applauds Annah Brazier’s Book on Climate Change


By Nevson Mpofu

Washington Zhakata, the Director in the Department of Climate Change of the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement commented the launch of Annah Brazier’s book on climate change.

The book titled Frequently Asked Questions about Climate Change has been taken to rural communities to educate folks there because it was translated into vernacular to suit the Zimbabwean environment.

Zhakata, who has made strong contributions to the fight against climate change effects in rural communities of Zimbabwe said he considered the book as a tool for all people regardless of whether they live in rural or urban areas. The importance of the book addresses the complexity of the subject of Climate Change, its language, terminology and confusing phrases normally expressed in English Language.

‘’The most interesting story to tell is on the addressing of complexities of Climate Change to mostly rural farmers. It is so well articulated now since the story of climate change is now told in our vernacular languages. This is a blessing for farmers in the country side. Climate Change has for long stood un-understood. Now, let us address it to the people as it is.

‘’We thank several partners towards the success of the launch especially Anna Brazier the writer of the book. Konrad Adenuer Stifftung has done the funding which goes a long way as well in issues of publicity of Climate Change,” Zhakata said.

Zimbabwe is one of those countries seriously affected by natural disasters resulting in serious hazards which affect the majority of people in the country. Most effects are experienced because there is lack knowledge on how climate change can be tackled.

‘’We are living in a World of new changes of intense adversities. As regards Climate Change, no one can resist it  since it is the biggest challenge of our time. There is need for more. We want to add a resource centre in rural communities to help farmers. This will make farmers adapt and mitigate as well as manage well the issues of Climate Change.

‘’The majority of our people are in the rural areas. These are communal farmers who need information related to best ways of combating climate change which has devastating effects. Those who feel the pain are rural subsistence farmers,’’ Zhakata added.

Washington Zhakata is a long standing Advocate and Champion of those affected by climate change who has done a sterling job in Zimbabwe in terms of assisting farmers and rural communities about Climate Change.

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