COVID Hospitalizations Rise in Top 10 Most Infected Countries

Covid-19 cases are on the rise globally, with the top 10 most infected countries showing an alarming increase in hospitalizations.

In Beijing, cases rose to record a 39,791 within 24 hours on November 27. This includes a 2x increase in cases found in community testingThe US Centers for Disease Control reported this week that the number of patients newly admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 averaged 4,201 between November 23–29, a 17.6% increase from the previous week. This is still 80.5% off the peak number of hospitalizations witnessed during the original Omicron-fueled wave that swept through the country in early January.

According to statistics on December 2, the total for new cases was 303,101, deaths were 1,780, and the daily average for hospitalizations is at 4,204. Just 68.8% of the population are fully vaccinated, and only 32.6% of those aged over 65 years old have received a second booster shot.

This comes as there have been 642,619,923 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, and the number of people killed by the coronavirus now stands at 6,633,130. The U.S. reported an average of 43,405 new cases this week, with 1,176 deaths. India reported a seven-day average of 275 new cases, with 2 deaths.

France remains in third place, averaging 40,671 new cases and 61 fatalities. Germany is in fourth place, reporting an average of 36,115 new cases and 152 deaths this week.

Brazil is in fifth place — reporting an average of 20,570 new cases this week and 64 deaths. South Korea reported an average of 52,987 new cases and 53 deaths.

Japan has surged up to seventh place, averaging 143,500 new cases, while its data on fatalities was unavailable this week. Italy this week averaged 31,248 new cases and 78 dead.

The United Kingdom dropped down to ninth place, reporting an average of 29,072 new cases and 65 fatalities. Russia averaged 6,721 new cases this week and 57 deaths.

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