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Cyclone Idai: Econet leading relief efforts from the front

Cyclone Idai: Econet leading relief efforts from the front

Following a trail of destruction left by the ravaging Cyclone Idai, many international and local organisations and governments are coming with relief and aid but mobile telephony giant, Econet, is leading from the front.

Led by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s Chief of Staff who is part of Higher Life Foundation, Mr. Lovemore Nyatsine, the mobile telephony giant managed to set up a help and relief centre called “Camp Econet” right at the epicentre of the disaster.

When it responded to Cyclone Idai, Econet Wireless set up “Camp Econet” base at Silver-streams about 30km from Skyline which was the stabilisation/holding camp for medical evacuations, Mr, Nyatsine said.

“We had long anticipated that the real need post emergency would be the humanitarian issues – food, clothes, medicines, shelter etc. This place has become the centre of our intervention working with arms of government, churches, NGO partners, citizens to help a community in anguish and unimaginable pain.

“We hardly sleep; how can we when a parent still doesn’t know where their child is; we barely rest because this community is restless; we seldom eat because many of them scarcely have a meal. However we are energised by the support from many far and wide who are giving sacrificially to help these communities in their greatest hour of need,” Mr Nyatsine, who also doubles as a pastor and a great Philanthropist said.

He continued: “Whatever you can do please give – remember that old woman who walked to give to Cyclone Idai because she had no 50c for taxi fare. That image fires us up here at the front. If she could do that, we can do more and further.

“Today we had 3 helicopters at our disposal and we did no less than 20 whistle stop trips. We have traversed every inch of this community stricken, climbed every mountain and gone down every valley to deliver food, clothes, blankets, medicines and more. When we meet them we are welcomed by smiles – we hug them squeeze their hands to tell them we have got your back.

“When we leave we weep in our hearts and shed silent tears because we feel their pain. Zimbabwe and the world – these communities need us now than ever before. While at it we also think about our brothers and sisters in Mozambique and Malawi in similar circumstances. We look around we see God. We look ahead we trust God. #cycloneidai “

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