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Dedicate more time to issues of refugees and forced displacements: African Parliamentarians

Delegates at the just ended 10th Conference of Speakers of African Assemblies and Senates have proposed an extension to the dedication period regarding this year’s African Union theme on forced migration.
The African Union theme for this year is “Finding durable solutions to forced migration to accelerate integration and development in Africa: the role of national and regional Parliaments”. Forced migration is one of the continent’s greatest challenges and far an important issue to be dedicated only a year to address it.
The 10th Speakers’ Conference was held in Midrand, South Africa during the Pan African Parliament sitting of Committees of the Pan African Parliament.
“The issue of refugees and forced displacement is a very serious issue in Africa and it is threatening the continent’s development.It then disappoints me why such an important issue can only be accorded a year of dedication yet it’s one of the greatest threats threatening Africa’s peace,” said Hon. Senator Rebecca Kadaga Speaker of Parliament from Uganda.
She also expressed dismay in some of the African leaders who are practicing politics of exclusion and pleaded with some Heads of States to stop ratifying instruments they won’t sign while explaining the ironic situations most of refugees find themselves in, especially if they move to Europe.
“Why do we create policies of exclusion which cause our people to leave. Heads of States should stop their tendency of ratifying instruments that they won’t sign. The irony is that when African countries obtained their independence it was against the very European countries that most African citizens are running to,” she said.
Libya also lamented the lack of support from PAP in their current strife and called them upon to lift the military embargo.
“We have not enjoyed PAP support recently and we want to express sadness in the plight of the refugees situation in Libya.
“We need to find solutions because the criminals are wrecking havoc on innocent people.
“As the people of Libya we call upon Africa to lift its military embargo so that we fight back the militia coming into our country and enslaving innocent souls,” said the Libyan Speaker of Parliament.

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