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Delta Corporation Unveils Scholarship Scheme

Delta Corporation

Delta Corporation has unveiled a two-year bursary programme for a bright, but underprivileged pupil who has passed his/her 2018 Ordinary Level examinations and qualifies for Advanced Level in Masvingo Province.

The bursary will cater for the pupil at either a Government or mission school and will cover tuition, uniforms, text books and pocket money.

In a letter addressed to the provincial education director and signed by corporate affairs executive Ms Patricia Murambinda, the company has invited the Primary and Secondary Education Ministry’s Masvingo provincial office to nominate three pupils who passed their Ordinary Level examinations and qualify to enrol for Advanced Level.

“Delta Corporation hereby invites your office to nominate at least three students who qualified to enrol for their Advanced Level studies during the period of 2019-20,” she said. “One student will be selected from the nominated list.”

Ms Murambinda said the nominated pupils should have scored high passes in their 2018 Ordinary Level examinations.

“These students must have scored exceptionally high in the Ordinary Level exams sat for in November-December 2018 and those who come from a proven less privileged background,” she said.

“Furthermore, the student must be enrolled to either a mission or a Government school within the province. Please note that Delta Corporation will not be able to cater for students enrolled at a private school and outside the province.

“Delta Corporation will cater for tuition fees, part of uniform costs and provide an allowance for textbooks and pocket money.

“For the sake of our records, please kindly ensure that the information on the list our requirements attached is sent through together with the name that you have recommended.”

The company emphasised that the shortlisting by the provincial director’s office will not automatically guarantee the candidate a bursary award.

Ms Murambinda said successful candidates will be contacted in writing and the provincial office would be notified likewise.

The closing date for nomination is February 14.

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