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Develop rural infrastructure: FICZ appeals to government


Gideon Madzikatidze recently in Datata, Rusape

The Federation for Indigenous Churches in Zimbabwe (FICZ) has pleaded with the government to develop rural infrastructure to ease mobility.


Infrastructure challenges in rural ares affect church leaders on exchange programmes, traditional chiefs, students and expecting mothers, among others.


Speaking during the ordination ceremony of the founder and bishop of Sangano RaMwari Apostolic church held in Datata, Rusape (Makoni North, Inyathi resettlements), FICZ’s secretary general, Reverend Mathias Tsine appealed to government to intervene in the African indigenous churches’ plight in accessing basic infrastructure.


Tsine said, ”We really appreciate the government’s endeavour in transforming several lives among several communities and societies within our country and appeal for proper development of infrastructure that caters for every subject regardless of geographical location in order to to bridge the gap between those in rural and urban set-ups.


“As the organisation, we applaud the move made by Bishop Shumba in realising that for any church to operate, there is need to legally operate in Zimbabwe whilst registered under a church organisation that fulfils the quest of indigenous churches’ endeavour in uplifting the socio-economic standards of our society thereby eliminating marginalisation of other social groups.”

From the discussion with the church leadership, it was noted that there is a need to plead with the government so that roads are built in rural areas. This improves communication and access to healthcare facilities among expecting mothers who at times give birth before reaching the maternal facility centre which is 30km from this area.


Thomas Nyambodza, the village head of the area has put the blame on several legislators who were previously elected for the constituency for deserting the electorate after assumption of office and urged the government to take heed of their concerns.

Nyambodza said, “It is quite saddening that since 1980, there was no development in this area. Previous legislators were not willing to fulfil their promises to the electorate. These include Didymus Mutasa, Elton Mangoma, and one Muchenje.

“In actual fact, previous legislators were allergic to development. They lied to the general public. As village heads, we at times organise food for work programmes for our subjects and engage in construction and mobilisation of the resources necessary for development of road network linkages..

“We therefore applaud FICZ’s endeavour in promoting peace. Indigenous churches should be registered. This eliminates criminal elements that might arise and ensures indigenous churches work with their traditional leadership harmoniously.”

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