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Digicloud Africa Forum 2022: Accelerating Digital Transformation

Digicloud Africa Forum 2022

Canon Central and North Africa Participated in Digicloud Africa Forum 2022 in Conjunction with its Partner Systhen, to Bring Forward its Stellar Range of Products & Solutions Aimed at Accelerating Digital Transformation

In alignment with the company’s core pillars of innovation and diversification, Canon (  joined hands with Systhen to further augment digitalization services such as process automation and cloud solutions that were showcased at Digicloud Morocco from June 21st to 23rd, 2022; Digicloud Morocco is the B2B Cloud and Digital Transformation meeting dedicated to African decision-makers that brings together +40 publishers, manufacturers, consulting companies, experts in the field of Cloud and Digital Transformation, to support African IT decision-makers. Canon will put on display its innovative and industry-leading hardware and software solutions that are a pre-requisite at the first stage of digital transformation journey.

Canon Central and North Africa announced its participation at the Digicloud Africa Forum 2022 at the Mazagan Beach Resort in El Jadida, Morocco along with its partner Systhen. This event that invited leading experts in the field of cloud and digital transformation witnessed Canon showcasing its Digital Transformation Services that offer hardware and software designed to help companies achieve enhanced productivity, collaboration, security, compliance, and sustainability goals. The event attendees had a chance to experience the company’s end-to-end from hardware to software that enables organizations to digitally transform and achieve efficiencies through better information and content management, without the need for complex and expensive IT implementations.

Canon’s partner Systhen that specializes in the field of document management across Africa will further enable the company to distribute its pioneering digital transformation solutions across Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Senegal, thereby elevating marketing penetration and presence for Canon. Canon showcased its complete range of input to output solutions including hardware that’s detrimental for the first stage of any digital transformation journey and software that can further augment digitization and process automation whilst equipped with Cloud capabilities. Some of the products that was on display including document scanners like ImageFormula Scanners ( that are exceptional at digitizing and enhancing photos, along with the state-of-the-art Iris Scanner series ( that has also been dubbed as the world’s best A3 document and book scanner, with HD video capabilities and AI technology for advanced, automated document digitization.


“We live in a digital world today and it is fast becoming next to impossible to escape digitalization in any field or walk of life, making it imperative for brands and companies to adopt to the digital transformation journey. Canon has always been at the forefront of innovation, progress, and development and hence we want to support this digital transformation journey by combining Managed Print Services and Workspace Collaboration Solutions, thereby helping you gain transparency and control over the entire document lifecycle and related processes. Digicloud Morocco 2022 was a great opportunity for us and our partner Systhen to bring to light these innovative solutions, services, and products that help companies adopt, accelerate and ace digital transformation,” commented Ota San, Business Unit Director, Canon Central and North Africa.

As businesses undergo transformation, organization-wide digitization remains the end goal for most companies with 52% of employees recognizing resistance to change as a key barrier to digital transformation in their business. Although, this journey to digitization is continuously driven by stringent information management and security regulations, mobility and process automation needs and by demand for faster adoption of cloud and managed services. Canon’s Digital Transformation Services support this journey by integrating paper and digital, using combined print and information management services delivered on-site, via the cloud or in a mixed environment. Canon’s Cloud Process Automation Solutions comes out of the box with pre-configured applications to allow the users to improve core business processes such as HR digitization, invoice processing or contract management and for advanced users, the solution also allows them to self-configure and design other applications tailored to specific business needs. Canon Cloud Process Automation Solutions is an integrated end-to-end content management solution that allows businesses to replace several solutions with a single platform minimizing IT spending.


“We are thrilled to represent a partner like Canon that has a long history and heritage in bringing innovation-led solutions, to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Senegal. We will focus on efforts on bringing a unique efficiency-driven approach targeting the government and banking sectors with both hardware and software products and services together as an end-to-end solution to drive valuable change, without disrupting the day-to-day flow of these businesses. What differentiates Canon from other solution provides is its adept understanding of digital transformation and its ready-to-be-deployed and distinctive market solutions that can massively accelerate the pace of digital adoption in Africa. Canon’s ImageFormula Scanners, Iris Products, and Canon’s Solutions such as Scan2X and workspace collaboration are critical to harmonize document and content management processes across multiple departments and locations, thereby efficiently and quickly improving business processes. We are extremely excited to bring these robust solutions and products from Canon to Digicloud Morocco Forum 2022 so industry leaders and decision-makers can witness the spectacle for themselves,” remarked Said Kharabouche, Head of Systhen.

To support the ongoing digital transformation journey across Africa, Canon has introduced a big range of products from portable to heavy-duty that can help handle different types of documents for different industries. Moreover, its pre-integrated cloud connectivity solutions enable secure, efficient scan and printing from a variety of cloud storage services including Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox for frictionless remote collaboration. Canon’s Cloud Process Automation Solutions is designed and built on a robust infrastructure that is compliant with Canon Security standards and policies including Vulnerability and Policy Assessment, ISO27001, PCI, and Canon’s GDPR protocols, Application, Infrastructure, and Synthetic Monitoring, Host-Based Antivirus all tested according to Canon Security policies. The company’s patented technology can deliver on high-quality compression up to 50 times the size of the document whereas its OCR (Optical Character recognition) is available for up to 137 different languages, making it an all-in-one dynamic solution.

Powered by an efficient, sustainable, and future-proof print infrastructure with the value add of automation, advanced capture, and cloud connectivity, Canon aims to drive the digital transformation journey across Africa.

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