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Dr Shamiso Fred‘s rise to prominence

Dr. Shamiso Fred
Own Correspondent
Let me hasten to say the least of all, Zimbabwe is privileged to have one of the few local talented tycoon businesswomen and prominent academic Dr. Shamiso Fred as a product of economic empowerment.
Fred’s rise to prominence was a result of hard work, self-determination, and humility as a pillar towards her achievement. Despite a few minor setbacks, she has remained committed to nation-building and a positive contribution towards vision 2030.
The African Business Women Association (ABW) is one of the local empowerment projects with solid structure and performance and this makes it difficult for any individual to break it. This definitely puts to rest allegations that Fred was part of the mischievous acts to paralyse the organization.
Such allegations are not only mischievous but perplexing, unfounded, and appalling defamatory. I have been painstakingly looking into these issues to figure out, only those with short sight will quickly conclude. Whilst the majority rally behind women’s empowerment and hard work, it is unfortunate that most Africans don’t believe in themselves.
We no longer believe in hard work and self-determination.  Let me take you briefly through Shamiso’s contribution when it comes to economic revival. The Harare businesswoman bailed out thousands of women across the country at a time when most of them were struggling to make ends meet, and it is only Shamiso who went the extra mile to engage regional and international markets for development partnerships and meaningful projects which resulted in more than 2000 men and women benefitting from the poultry and piggery scheme which she introduced in 2013.
Apart from her experience in the corporate world, she managed to source strategic funds for different communities in many parts of the country, including a donation of ambulances to the health sector.
She was a Consular General for Zimbabwe in the United Arab Emirates where she established trading and investment opportunities between the Middle East and the Zimbabwe Government. She contributed positively towards strategic engagements which gave birth to a number of local projects which were commissioned by the Government of Zimbabwe.
Her contributions were boosted by a good track record advocating for Fair Trade, International Investments, Borderless Africa, Continental Integration, Invention and Innovation, and access to healthcare in Zimbabwe, and most parts of the region and continent.
Fred‘s passion to turn around the fortunes of this country is a welcome move to strategic sectors of the economy such as Agriculture, industry, tourism, and the employment sector. Shamiso’s ABWA project which recruited more than 2000 workers, is a positive move set to boost the local manufacturing sector.
The ABWA’s anchor iron lady’s rise to prominence is a case of economic empowerment. Fred, whose name featured most through the popular ABWA’s mandate is to empower locals as a case of economic empowerment. Fred whose popular name is Zvishamiso, earned this title after partnering with local business people to empower women in many parts of the country through poultry production and dairy production.
ABWA’s mission is to empower locals and boost local industry. The local tycoon is profiled as one of the strategic businesswomen in the country who have contributed a lot to the story of local content.
Contacted for comment, Dr. Greyson, who is a local businessman, described Shamiso Fred as a pillar of society who gives back to the community and managed to bail out many struggling students in the higher learning experience. Her product, ABWA, has absorbed several higher-learning students with a good representation of youths who are occupying key positions in the organization.
Despite economic hardships, ABWA is one of the businesses which have survived all the storms relating to social ranting, and negative publicity, and has continued to emerge on the market as one of the upcoming women-backed organizations.

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