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Econet Data and SMS Bundle Review: Tariffs Remain competitive in the Region

By Byron Mutingwende
Despite announcing a data and SMS tariff adjustment starting September 23, 2019, Econet’s tariffs remain competitive in the region.
The leading mobile network operator by both subscriber base and network coverage has announced another price adjustment for its data and SMS bundles as telco operating costs and other prices of other goods and services continue to go up.
While some customers may feel hard done up already at what appears to be the 4th adjustment of the tariffs since April, Economist Persistence Gwanyanya said Econet data and SMS tariffs remained among the most competitive in the region.
“In Zimbabwe, the exchange is depreciating on a daily basis. Prices are escalating. The cost of living is increasing. Bearing that in mind, it is fair for business to adjust the prices since they can’t provide services at a loss.
“There is nothing wrong with increasing prices as long as businesses offer a commensurate service. In adjusting the prices, I encourage responsibility on businesses. Econet has extensive coverage in the country and the public should be made aware that the company doesn’t control prices or the economy,” Gwanyanya said.
He said the leading mobile network operator is just responding to the macro-economic environment.
 “We should accept competition hence the need to respond to the economic fundamentals. Instead of complaining about Econet’s adjustment of prices to match the run-away inflation, people should commend the company for closing the gap in the telecoms space,” Mr. Gwanyanya added.
Even when it will effect the price increases tomorrow, Econet still remains the cheapest when compared to regional mobile telephony companies.
For 40-50MB of data, Econet costs US$0.20, MTN is at US$0. 54, Vodacom is at US$0. 61 while CellC costs US$0.81 for the same amount of data.
For 180-250MB Econet sits at US$0.45, MTN is on US$1. 82 and is the same for Vodacom while CellC charges US$1.95.
Econet is providing 600-750MB for US0.90 while it costs US$3. 30 for the same amount of data for CellC. For 1GB-2GB of data, Econet is charging US$1. 50; MTN charges US$3. 36; Vodacom demands US$1.95 while Cell C charges  US$5. 38 for the same amount of data.

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