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GreenWorks aims to go nationwide supplying livestock fodder


Abigail Mzimbawakhe (Midlands Correspondent)

GreenWorks Company, which was founded by Sebastian Sibanda is aiming to provide the whole of Zimbabwe with organic fodder for livestock.

The company provides organic fodder for all species of grazing animals that include cattle, goats, sheep, pigs as well as all poultry.

The founder, Sibanda said that he is aiming to be the leading supplier of livestock fodder in Zimbabwe by harnessing sustainable agricultural practices that increase the production.

“The major objective of the company is to provide livestock farmers with high quality fodder all year round at an affordable cost while maintaining environmental sustainability”, said Sibanda.

He further said that GreenWorks fodder is the first product of this nature to the Zimbabwean market.

“The fodder is new in Zimbabwe and it is more like drought resistant as it uses 20 litres of water to grow 300 kilograms of feed unlike other fodder that use 500 litres for 300 kilograms.

“The fodder will therefore assist farmers in times of drought as about 30,000 cattle starve to death yearly,” he said.

GreenWorks has also secured technical partnership with Midlands State University Incubation Hub, Impact Hub as well as Elevate Trust.

GreenWorks is not only making money for farmers but has managed to create jobs for the society, that is, three direct jobs and 20 indirect jobs downstream.

The fodder is also there to reduce land degradation that was caused by overgrazing and will also help farmers avoid buying expensive stock feeds.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende