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Hon Chombo escalates women empowerment initiatives in Zvimba North

Hon Chombo handing over, a "Ngoda Oven Stove" to a group of women

By Elvis Dumba

Zvimba – Community economic development success is hinged on the emancipation of women at the household level as they constitute a high number of the population.

Zvimba North Constituency lawmaker and Local Government and Public Works Deputy Minister, Hon Marian Chombo said the financial empowerment of women at household levels helps to eradicate issues of gender-based violence whilst contributing to community development.

Speaking to a group of ZANU PF Chambadzi District Women’s league members when she handed over a “Ngoda Oven Stove” for the group’s baking project, Hon Chombo there is no community that can record real financial development if the women are left behind.

“As long as you are not participating in any program that allows you as women to earn your own money, you will remain subservient to the dictates of your male counterparts but when you are participants in programs that allow you to be financially independent, you will notice that even the community development accelerates,” she said.

Hon Chombo said women who are financially independent also have lower chances of being victims of gender-based violence.

“Some of the issues on gender-based violence in the communities revolve around the issues of money in homes but when a woman has her own income streams, she won’t be always nudging her husband to put basic kitchen needs on the table. Issues of domestic violence will definitely go down in our community,” Hon Chombo remarked.

Hon Chombo donated the stove that uses charcoal for baking, and flour, and gave day-old chicks for the women’s group poultry project.

She donated 350 bags of cement and building materials to Riverside Primary School for the construction of a school block.

The 22-year-old school has students using old farm horse stables as makeshift classes.

Hon Chombo pledged a solar borehole for the school and encouraged parents to ensure that they take an active role in developing the school.

“We are saying no place or person should be left behind and as parents, we need to ensure we actively participate in the development of our children’s future by ensuring that we contribute towards the school’s needs” she addressed parents attending the school’s Annual General Meeting.

Hon Chombo also donated a laptop and a printer for the school’s administration.

Chief Nyatsika, born Edson Majeza urged parents to be custodians of traditional values and help eradicate the scourge of drug abuse.

“Parents, you are letting our community down as some of you are responsible for the moral decay in our society through selling intoxicants to these children. Let us go back to our traditions where a child belonged to the whole community and let us ensure we watch our children. Surely, where are we going as a country if a nine-year-old gets pregnant? What are we doing as a community?” she said.

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