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Jah Prayzah, Jan Jam sign a Partnership

Jah Prayzah

By Joyce Mukucha

An authentic fashion corporate for men’s wear, Jan Jam has partnered with one of the best Zimbabwean artists, the Military Touch Movement singer, Mukudzei Mukombe popularly known as Jah Prayzah and appointed him as their brand ambassador for the year 2019/2020.

This is in an effort to promote artistry by elevating and empowering its everyday clients to live bold and full lives in fashion.

The company recently dressed a multi-award winning artist throughout his video Sadza Nemuriwo and is looking forward to for the artist to spread the positive energy around as the partnership will see the professional and intelligent performer showcasing the corporate’s style.

Addressing the media at the Brand Ambassador Signing ceremony in Harare on the 28 of October 2019, the Jan Jam Director Cynthia Bizure said they felt that it was only fitting that a brand as contemporary as theirs which has changed culture of dressing from a chore to an art should partner with a brand epic as Jah Prayzah.

She indicated that Jah Prayzah’s passion and his work has a unique spark of brilliance that the corporate believe is contagious even to their own brand were the ones that moved them to sign a partnership with him as their brand ambassador.

“On behalf of Jan Jam, I would like to extend my uttermost gratitude to Jah Prayzah and the Military Touch family for accepting our invitation to partner with Jah Prayzah as our brand ambassador for the year 2019/ 2020. There is indeed no doubt that JP is a trendsetter both in music and in fashion. He is blossoming in his music career but despite that success he remains humble, loyal and God-fearing,”said Bizure.

Bizure added that Jan Jam believes that at times, their own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person and that is why they have a tradition of partnering with other brands and personalities in the past.

Keen Mushapaidze, the manager for Jah Prayzah extended his gratitude to Jan Jam for selecting Military Touch as their partner in the journey.

“We are happy about this venture. It’s actually wonderful when you work with people who always make it work in the timeline when everything appears impossible.

“As Military Touch, we are humbled by such an invitation to partner with the authentic fashion brand. They stated that Jan Jam have always had a warm working relationship with JP and clearly explained that his humility and; love for people are the greatest reasons why they chose to partner with him. This is good and we hope that we are going to be working well in as much as supporting each other’s brand is concerned.” he said.

Jah Prayzah expressed his appreciation to Jan Jam for acknowledging him as a highly professional and intelligent individual that remains humble and shows immense integrity. He said, “I’m feeling good concerning this partnership. We will indeed spread the good vibes. From now onwards, I will only go back to wear my old ‘nhembe style’ when it is necessary to do so but besides that, I will be always looking fabulous in my videos wearing the Jan Jam authentic style.”

In a country whose economy is restrictive, especially to the younger generation, Jan Jam expressed that it was their fervent hope that other youthful brands will follow their cue and partner in similar synergies that make them grow, survive and thrive in the art industry.

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