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Kudzanai Vere and colleagues tackle international business strategies

By Lovemore Chazingwa

Leading motivational and transformational coach, Kudzanai Vere has attracted global attention with his weekly Entrepreneurship Conversations hosted over social media platform Zoom, where he engages gurus on the international business arena.

The Conversations are co-hosted by the founder and chief executive officer of TEK Entrepreneurship and lecturer at Synergy University, (UAE), Oluwatosin Ekundayo.

The co-host is another firebrand entrepreneurship expert.

Since establishing the Transformational Mindset Institute (TMI), a couple of years ago, the astute business practitioner has influenced populations across the globe by taking his work to broader terrains with rooftop discussions.

“I’m hosting entrepreneurship Conversations every midweek, specifically on  Wednesday afternoons. The discussions are held from 1-3 pm. These interactions are a platform to broaden entrepreneurship knowledge to various publics throughout the world. I’m engaging various speakers from across the globe so as to widen the scope of detail and experience, narrative” founder and CEO at Kudfort Vere said in an interview.

Last Wednesday’s installment of Entrepreneurship Conversation had guests Arthur Marara, an attorney, author, and motivational speaker. 

Another guest during the same submission, George ‘Billionaire’ Munengwa, founder and chief executive officer at Pro-Air is also a top-notch entrepreneur. Adv. Marara focused on the stimulating topic ‘Sustaining Your Business Under The Current Economic Order.

Pro-Air chief executive Munengwa unpacked another highly sought after subject- ‘Strategies To Connect Your Business With The Market’.

Topics summoned for discussion are deeply introspected by the sharp minds invited for such high profile Conversations.

It is against this backdrop that the Zoom Entrepreneurship Conversations are a must follow for the business people and enthusiasts alike.

These various international speakers engaged as hosts bring a fresh impetus to entrepreneurship and success philosophy.

Engaging the public to solicit their input and make the conversations lively as well as a prudent way to finetune knowledge and understanding of the business entrepreneurship enclave.

Before embarking on global scale discussions, Vere started with a local influence after establishing Premium Business Network International (PBNI).

In the early discussions, he hosted physical workshops with locals from within Zimbabwe, his host country, where attendance was free of charge for business startups and experienced practitioners to exchange notes.

He brought to the fore a number of discussants and various experts to interact on closer contact. With the current series of Zoom conversations, the widely travelled motivational coach brings his inspiration, aspiration and selfless dedication to changing the world for a better place to all corners of the world.

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