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Leadership and management under the spotlight

By Lovemore Chazingwa (Business Correspondent)

The art and science of establishing oneself and practicing as a leader will take a new impetus with the coming on board of a broad-based nexus aptly called Leadership Conversation.

This leadership meeting point is a collaborative effort by the Transformational Mindset Institute (TMI) and the Africa Leadership and Management Academy (ALMA).  Two renowned organizations, an institute, and an academy have made great strides in nurturing world-class leaders and managers without letting their products stray in unchartered waters alone.

“We’ve come up with this discussion platform to empower leaders and managers in their area of practice. We don’t discriminate, but, impart knowledge that edifies every field of practice. The world today requires dynamism and pragmatic ways to sail through. As our two institutions focus on building characters that make an impact in the world, we endeavour in every way possible to be of relevance and impact in the leadership and management domains,” said TMI founder and director Kudzanai Vere in an interview.

Last Friday Leadership Conversation got to a flying takeoff with the discussion hedged on the topic ‘Exceed beyond the ordinary’. A subtitle ‘The 20 irrefutable steps to becoming a high voltage entrepreneur’ sums up what was an electric conversation focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship.

Guest speaker Vere, himself a product of ALMA, tore apart the discussion points with such depth as to leave no stone unturned.

The guest is himself a professional of high repute. ALMA and TMI have teamed up in an innovative way as they bring together mentorship and experience for continuity in the ladder to self-actualization as espoused in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

The discussion was ably moderated by Tsitsi Chundu who also deploys her professional energy as human resources and administration executive at the academy.

Vere has penned a business book by the same title ‘Exceed beyong the ordinary: How to become a high voltage entrepreneur’, which is already highly appreciated by the market.

It is being part of such tailor-made conversations that separate the best from the rest.

The digital conversation is available on Facebook Room and any queries on the can be directed to or on WhatsApp contact +263 733 848 911.

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