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Lucky Kumene Lauches Hit: Kavhiri Kendege

Lucky Kumene, raising his hands

By Desire Tshuma 

Sungura king Lucky Kumene and the Power Express band on Saturday last week launched his fourth album ”Kavhiri Kendege” in a private venue at Harare Gardens.

”I was inspired by the late sungura legends Leonard Tembo and Tongai Moyo whom I loved their beat at a very tender age. I grew up loving music,” said Kumene.

Regardless of the challenges that affected many artists, Lucky fought and endured all the odds and managed to put his band in order as Covid 19 lockdown conditions brought many artists into poverty.

The Kavhiri Kendege album is a seven-track album with a first song that has made some couples come up with good family relationships which encourages couples not to put passwords on their phones to show loyalty.

The occasion was graced by Mr. Paidon Chiwaka who is a key man towards the prosperity of Lucky Kumene and the Power Express band.

”Music is my passion. It is in my DNA. Besides being a musician I am an engineer by profession trained at Ngezi Platinum,” elaborated Kumene.

Kumene and the Power Express band are marketed by Trutone studios. His music can be accessed on his website

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