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Maintain Nation’s Economic Stability: Zimbabweans Told

Zimbabweans urged to work for development

All economic spectrums and citizens have been urged by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to persistently play a crucial role in ensuring that the country’s economic stability continues to prevail and foster a dignified life for everyone.

He made these remarks during his national address on Thursday in Harare where he highlighted that to date, Zimbabwe’s flourishing progress has seen stability of the foreign exchange rate and prices of goods and services.

“As a responsible and patriotic people, I urge all of us, across all economic spectrums to persistently play our part in maintaining this stability for a better quality life for all.

“My administration will continue along the path of a balanced budget and a balanced economy which gives due attention to all areas of our economy and society,” President Mnangagwa said.

To make this a success, he said everything will be consistently informed by the principles of equalisation and devolved development which has so far led to the transformation of the social and infrastructure landscape in rural areas.

“This approach has been resourced so that every province, district, ward or suburb in our country in both urban and rural areas experiences quality social services and increased economic opportunities.”

Since the advent of the Second Republic, Mnangagwa indicated that Zimbabwe has strived to establish a culture of hard honest work, unity of purpose among the many different interests in the nation.

Zimbabwe, he pointed out, is writing history and charting its own course with success and realisation of the vision for economic growth, prosperity, development, modernisation, and better quality of life for people on the horizon.

“We are indeed diverse but one. Now we can proudly say that we are a stronger nation, more united and peaceful. We have stood together in the midst of many challenges from the economy to droughts, cyclones, and now this Covid-19 pandemic. Our experiences have toughened us and should indeed embolden us for the tasks that are ahead towards building a prosperous nation. Let our spirits not be dampened or deterred by sideshows.

“Through the rapid implementation of the National Development Strategy 1, and buoyant agriculture and mining sectors, we remain positive about the prospects of notable growth in 2021.”

With the main goal of economic growth and prosperity in focus, President Mnangagwa stressed that corruption, criminality, and delinquency ought to be permanently expunged from the society in favour of peace, harmony and lawful conduct.

“The preservation of our democratic principles, constitutional values, and the rule of law must be upheld by all citizens with no exceptions. Those in the criminal justice system and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission are urged to decisively and swiftly bring all perpetrators of crime and corruption to book,” he said.

In as much as international relations are concerned, Mnangagwa underscored that Zimbabwe is committed to remaining to be a good neighbour to all and making a positive contribution within the comity of nations for a better world.

“In the spirit of multilateralism and guided by the ideals of the United Nations Charter, we will esteem and extend mutual respect to all nations. Our country in-turn expects the same from other members of the global community as we together advance sustainable economic growth, democracy, and a more peaceful world.”

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende