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MARS unveils new ambulance fleet, announces new toll-free short code

The Medical Air Rescue Service (MARS) has unveiled a new fleet of 14 ambulances at an event in Harare, where the emergency medical services company, part of Cassava HealthTech, also announced a new toll-free emergency number.
At the stakeholder engagement event that brought together medical aid and insurance organizations and other medical healthcare players, MARS unveiled 14 brand new ambulances, fully equipped and with Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facilities.
The ambulances, some of which have since been deployed countrywide to the company’s ten regional bases, is set to boost its existing fleet of ambulances.
Cassava Smartech CEO Mr Eddie Chibi told guests that the investment would go a long way in saving lives.
“Over the years we have seen lives that could have been saved, needlessly lost due to the inaccessibility of ambulance services,” Mr Chibi said.
“But we believe every life counts and our investment in the new ambulances will expand the accessibility, availability and the countrywide reach of this crucial life-saving service to previously underserved parts of the country,” said Mr Chibi.
Cassava HealthTech Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mr Denver Phiri said the investment was part of the company’s strategy to improve healthcare access using technology.
“Our strengthening of critical assets in MARS compliments our broader strategy of improving access to healthcare facilities using technology,” Mr Phiri said.
Mr Doug Mahiya, the COO of MARS, also announced the introduction of a new toll-free emergency short-code 182 that the public can call in the event of medical emergencies.
Mr Mahiya explained that MARS Ambulance service can also be accessed through Medical Aid, cash or transfer.
“Over and above that, customers can also access our service through subscription, by simply signing up to any one of our wide range of very affordable subscription options, including MARS LifeSaver, MARS Corporate Cover, MARS School Cover, MARS Tourism Cover, Ecosure Rescue Service, Moovah Rescue Service, and many others,” Mr Mahiya said.
Since inception in 1991, MARS has offered Road and Air ambulance services to thousands of people, saving lives in the process.
MARS also runs a reputable training school affiliated to the American Heart Association and accredited to the Resus Council of Southern Africa.
The Training school offers practical and theoretical emergency services and first aid training and tailor-makes its courses to suit specific industries.

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