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MDC National Organiser arrested


The MDC National Organiser Amos Chibaya was yesterday arrested and charged with failing to take steps to stop the demonstrations called for by his party starting 16 August 2019.

Chibaya was the convener of the MDC’s proposed peaceful demonstrations in four cities that were later foiled by the police after they issued four prohibition orders to stop citizens in the respective cities from exercising their democratic rights as enshrined in the supreme law of the land.


Upon hearing that the police were looking for him, the Mkoba MP handed himself over to Harare Central police at around 4pm yesterday in the company of his lawyer, Obey Shava.

Chibaya, who was still his lawyer, was quizzed by the police.

Chibaya is currently on bail on yet another “trumped up charge of subversion” emanating from the January 2019 disturbances and for which he has been slapped with reporting conditions.


“His arrest is testimony of the closure of democratic space in Zimbabwe. In fact, the country is under a de facto state of emergency, judging by the abductions, torture and arrests of innocent Zimbabweans in the past few days,” the MDC said in a statement.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende