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MDC orders status quo, pending due process and investigations in Bulawayo


The MDC has said it noted with serious concern the developments within Bulawayo City Council where the Town Clerk has been suspended. Party Spokesperson, Daniel Molokele said his party believes in Constitutionalism, due process, the rule of law and zero tolerance to corruption.

“The party leadership has directed that the status quo ante be upheld, in other words that the town clerk be reinstated pending a full investigation into the allegations being raised against him. The MDC prioritises service delivery to the people and the directive the party has given is meant to ensure that the council continues offer prudent services to the ratepayers. However, in line with the party’s directive, the allegations levelled against the Town Clerk must be fully investigated within the confines of due process, constitutionalism and fair hearing,” Molokele said.

The MDC in Bulawayo had fully endorsed a recommendation to suspend Bulawayo Town Clerk, Mr Christopher Dube, in so far as corruption, incompetence and self-gain at the expense of rate payers are alleged.
“The issue of His Worship,  the Deputy Mayor of Bulawayo, Cllr. Tinashe Kambarami’s ethnicity is a red herring. Issues and not tissues should inform our discourse. Three councillors namely His Worship, the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Tinashe Kambarami, Cllr Silas Chigora, Cllr Concilia Mlalazi and Cllr Batirai Dube were on Friday physically attacked by hooligans.
“His Worship, the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Kambarami was stabbed on the hand and leg and bled profusely for more than three hours. Following his arrest on trumped up charges of assault, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has refused to grant His Worship, the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Kambarami access to health care. In denying His Worship, the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Kambarami, ZRP officers mentioned that there were under instruction by superiors to bar Cllr Kambarami from going to hospital,” the MDC Bulawayo office said in a statement
The structures in bulawayo reported that ZRP also revealed that they were under instruction to detain His Worship, the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Tinashe Kambarami and Cllr Silas Chigora at Bulawayo Central Police station.
“This partisan behaviour by police is consistent with the malpractice and human rights abuse under the command of Augustine Chihuri. Hence police behaviour is a clear continuation of the notorious Robert Mugabe era. If the law is justly complied with, the detained councillors will appear today in court (yesterday). May all Party cadres come to the Magistrates Court at Tredgold Building to show up morale and support.”

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