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Meet some of the intriguing characters on Legacy – M-Net’s first telenovela

Legacy is here! Time to get familiar with some of the intriguing characters played by iconic actors

M-Net’s long been home to all the best local content available on the African continent, including movies, dramas, and series, and now the channel is treating viewers to a daily dose of on-screen drama. As the very first telenovela aired by M-Net, Legacy is here to prove the wait’s been worthwhile.

This fast-paced, high-flying telenovela has it all – intrigue, drama, power, and conflict, all wrapped up in a simmering family feud that’s about to erupt in every direction.

The show centres around the mega-wealthy Price family and their underlying tensions as siblings and significant others vie for succession when the head honcho decides to hang up his investment-banker boots. A powerful investment firm, Legacy, is the hub of the action which takes place in a unique South African context with a cast of beloved, award-winning artists we can all relate to.

The best part is that until the 24 September, all DStv customers are invited to watch the drama unfold on M-Net Channels 101 and 102 and see their familiar favourites in a whole new light.

Here’s what you need to know about some of the characters you’ll soon be meeting…

Dineo Price

Kgomotso Christopher stars as the beautiful, loving, and loyal wife of Sebastian Price and is in the midst of a power struggle between her step-children and her own flesh and blood. Smart, successful, and a major role player in Legacy itself, Dineo finds her loyalty pulled in every direction as she struggles to keep it all together.

Kgomotso’s best-known for her role as Katlego in Isidingo and Yvonne, in Scandal.

Angelique Price

Passionate, determined, and devious, Angelique Price is bought to life by Michelle Botes who shines as Sebastian’s ex-wife and co-founder of Legacy – and is still set on having her say in the way things pan out. Like a lioness protecting her cubs and her territory, Angelique’s ready and willing to whip out her claws and punch below the belt to get her way.

Another superpower from the world of Isidingo, Michelle portrayed the villainous Cherel de Villiers in this series.

Felicity Price

Mary-anne Barlow takes on the role of Felicity Price, Sebastian’s eldest daughter who will stop at nothing to step into her father’s shoes as CEO of Legacy. Cool, calculating, and manipulative, Felicity’s not afraid to use her genetic clout to burst through the corporate ceiling and take over the company.

Mary-anne’s no stranger to the world of daily dramatics and is well-known for her roles in Egoli and Wild at Heart.

SJ Price

Anton David Jeftha throws a spanner in the works in his brilliant portrayal of the prodigal son with a heart of gold thrust into the midst of the power struggle. SJ returns after a long absence to celebrate his father’s retirement and finds himself ensnared in a battle for supremacy, as well as in an unexpected romance.

Anton David Jeftha’s career includes roles in the US productions Suidooster, Strike BackHomeland, and Dominion.

Msizi Zulu

As an outsider vying for the top spot, Msizi Zulu’s ambition knows no bounds and is masterfully portrayed by Siyabonga Twala. The proverbial snake-in-the-grass, Msizi will go to any lengths to get his reward for years of loyal service.

Siyabonga comes to us from his role as Mpiyakhe Zungu in Isibaya.

Stefan Potgieter

Sean-Marco Vorster sizzles as a one-time policeman-turned-chauffeur-driver. An outsider in a pivotal role, Stefan flexes his influential muscles by means of his close ties with one of the Price sisters.

Sean-Marco’s an actor, writer, and director involved in the productions Die WindpompNantes, and Amaza.

Legacy will be made available to all DStv subscribers on M-Net.

  • Date: 21 – 24 September
  • Time: 20:00  19:00 CAT
  • Packages: DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access

DStv Premium subscribers can stay up-to-date with the series as well as a host of other local and international content on Catch Up, or stream the series live on DStv Now, wherever you are. Download the app now and remember, you can manage all your self-service options easily and conveniently via the MyDStv app too.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to DStv Premium.

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