NetOne makes fees payment easy

By Rudo Majachani

Netone’s Fees For Less Promotion under the OneMoney platform is removing hassles of school fess payment by the parents.

On the occasion to reward parents on the 5th of September 2018 at the Netone Building in Harare, the 100% Fees Back Promotion made it possible for the first parents to pay fees with OneMoney receive their money back up to a maximum of $300.

Netone Acting Managing Director Mobile Financial Services Mr Nyaradzai Shoko expressed gratitude towards the uptake of the promotion by Zimbabweans.

“Ladies and Gentleman we are here as NetOne to honour our promise to the first 100 parents who paid their fees using OneMoney and will get 100% back into their accounts up to a maximum level of $300. As Netone we say congratulations to the 100 parents and thank you for your continued support” Shoko said said.

The promotion was first launched on the 22nd of April 2018 as a way to remove the burden from parents and schools when they pay school fees and develop the schools. The promotion was created as a way of creating better and happier lives for everyone.

Schools are also included in the promotion. The first schools to register and receive a minimum of $1000 fees in their account will stand a chance to win each $600 worth of prizes. Some will get vouchers for school development.

Good Hope Primary School of Chivhu is the school that won in this edition of Fees for Less Promotion. The school won a state of the art computer lab and a generator.

The second edition of the promotion was launched on the 12 of August and will end on the 30th of September. There is still chance for parents to win. 50 parents still have the chance to win $100 when they pay fees as little as $20 using $20 through OneMoney.

Primary, secondary and tertiary schools are also included in the second edition of the Fees For Less Promotion. It is going to be bigger and better.

The first 100 university or college students to pay their school fees using OneMoney will receive $300 back into their account.

For the fortnight prizes, 100 students will stand a chance of winning $50 semester opening vouchers.

School are also not excluded in the promotion. The first 20 schools to register and receive $1000 school fees on OneMoney in their account will each win $600 worthy of prizes.

Rural schools have a greater advantage as the first 30 schools to register will receive $400 in their biller account and $200 for school development.

Schools with the highest amount of payments will also win awards. The third highest will win $2000 in school development vouchers. The second will get $3000 in a school development voucher.

The highest school should have an amount that is above $5000 which the parents will have paid as school fees. The school will win a computer lab comprising of 15 computers and generator.

One of the parents who won said he was happy to receive the money when he least expected it and promised to use the money to buy other school necessities for his son.

Parents were encouraged to participate in the promotion and share the important information with others.

“People should learn to watch ZBC because this is where all the promotions are being advertised. And parents should also participate in promotions like this because they have nothing to lose but will gain a lot” said a parent from Good Hope Primary School.

The Acting CEO of Netone said “the school is a community that comprises of parent, teachers and students hence everyone should participate as we are all benefiting.”