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OneMoney effects new changes: committed to entrenching inclusive financial services


In its quest to ensure mobile financial services remain a key enabler for financial inclusion worldwide, leading mobile telephony services provider NetOne continues to innovate to make its OneMoney platform effective to transacting Zimbabweans.

Speaking to Spiked Online Media, Roseline Chisveto, the Head of Marketing and Public Relations of Netone said the company continues to innovate and effect new changes since mobile financial services are the bedrock of most economic activities in the Zimbabwean economy.

“We have a responsibility towards the people we serve. This means we have to cater to the needs of all our clients. We strive to go beyond solving problems when they arise and instead look at creative solutions to pre-empt problems and pain points,” Chisveto said.


To that effect, NetOne advises its customers of the changes in the OneMoney transaction limits from Weekly to Monthly.


“Pay Merchant, Wallet on POS, Card Transactions, Bill Payments, and Airtime purchases limit per transaction will remain at ZWL $50 000 with a maximum limit of ZWL $400 000 per month.


“Send Money, ZIPIT to Bank and Mobile Money wallets, Wallet to Bank limit per transaction remain at ZWL $10 000 with a maximum limit of ZWL $280 000 per month,” the mobile telephony giant said in a statement.

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