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Pamushana Africa Group partners Zimnat to paint Mutorashanga green

Revellers enjoy in Mutorashanga

Mutorashanga Green Pools are a beauty, a marvel, and incredible spot to hang out for travel enthusiasts. Approximately an hour and half drive from Harare, this joint is becoming the place where people visit to have fun, and enjoy the outdoors.

The place is a great site for swimming, and diving, offering a thrilling experience, as one cools themselves in the chilling waters.

Those who can’t swim are not excluded, they are accommodated with some shallower pools where they can also indulge and enjoy the waters. To access the shallow pools, one will take a walk in some caves which even makes the experience more interesting as one finds their way through the silence and darkness.

The green pools are isolated, so it’s a great idea to visit them as a group of friends or colleagues, that way you’ll also enjoy the pleasant experience of being with your people.

This past weekend, Pamushana Africa organized a group trip to the pools, bringing together a number of people to enjoy this unique marvel. As part of their domestic tourism drive, Pamushana organizes affordable local travel experiences, however the time it wasn’t just them alone but it was in partnership with Zimnat.

Regular visitors to the green pools were treated to a surprise as the place looked different, with some gazebos, outdoor chairs, and a lot of designs which made the place look different.

Commenting on the partnership the Zimnat Group Marketing Executive Tatenda Marongwe said this was an exciting opportunity to interact with the youth, who also make up their largest clientele base. Lucky revellers also got the opportunity to participate in the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, with tickets sponsored by Zimnat.

Commenting on the development, Pamushana Africa Chief Marketing Officer Pablo Tinashe Chimusoro said, “We feel this partnership is the beginning of a greater lifetime journey, which will bring more quality experience to our clients, who will also get to enjoy the various offerings from Zimnat.”

Domestic tourism is on the rise, people are eager to travel, and have great experiences especially after the lockdown. Mutorashanga is one of the many places that one can set to and have an exciting time.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende