Progressive People’ s Party of Zimbabwe pledges houses for newly-weds

Pastor Timothy Chiguvare, PPPZ President

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

The Progressive People’s Party of Zimbabwe (PPPZ) has pledged to offer free houses for newly wedded couples.

Speaking at the party’s manifesto launch at the Media Centre, PPPZ President Reverend Timothy Chiguvare said that once elected into office, newly wedded couples should not stress over accommodation as his government will offer free houses for 2 years.

“The PPPZ government will offer free government housing to newly wedded couples for two (2) years, meaning that the couple will only pay for water, electricity, and municipal services, but terms and conditions apply,” the opposition leader said.

The party which was formed in 2008, promised to cater to the welfare of the police to curb corruption which is now rife among the uniformed force.

“We are gearing ourselves to change the lives of our police officers by paying them decent salaries, feeding them, providing them with accommodation, and adequate transport.

“Our new government will not allow the police to starve and to go about begging. Depriving them of these necessities will lead them into corruption or other crimes. The PPPZ president and his new government will ensure that we discipline and dignify our police force and ensure that they will not tarnish the image and reputation of the office of the minister of police and that of the president,” promised the South African-based businessman-cum-politician.

Turning to the current public transport crisis, the former MDC activist revealed that his party has a sound plan to avert the crisis.

“The PPPZ government will work very closely with Zimbabwe’s taxi industry and investors to revitalise and build the industry, providing safe, clean, and reliable services.

“We will give an opportunity for all taxi owners and new entrants into the industry to purchase and own new 35-seater buses and trailers and to receive training for drivers and conductors,” he added.

The party also pledges to look into the welfare of those working in the public transport sector.

“VanaHwindi’ (touts) will be prioritised as a means of creating employment and meeting the needs of a workforce – fuelling a growing economy.

“Taxi drivers and conductors will be entitled to the PPPZ government’s guarantees when purchasing an RDP house or a motor vehicle , as per sample houses below and motor vehicles. Those who want to go further in education can also apply for a government guarantee, but terms and conditions apply,”.

Speaking on the sidelines of the manifesto launch, the opposition leader said he only got motivated to join politics after being tormented by the late Robert Mugabe regime such that he was hounded out of his flourishing businesses.

“I didn’t have any interest in politics but how the state ruined my businesses here jolted me to get involved in politics.

“I had to flee to South Africa where I managed to establish businesses there but I am still thinking of relocating but the operating environment is not yet convincing,” bemoaned the PPPZ president.

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