PUP elects Chamuka presidential candidate unopposed

PUP leader Herbert Chamuka

By Staff Reporter

People’s Unity Party (PUP) leader Herbert Chamuka has been elected the party’s 2023 presidential candidate unopposed.

He has so far been elected by nine of the country’s ten provinces.


Manicaland province, which is still to hold its provincial conference, is set to endorse his candidature at the weekend.


Speaking from his South Africa base, Chamuka said: “The party has overwhelmingly endorsed me as its presidential candidate for next year’s elections, so I will stand.”


“Nobody has been able to challenge me and am happy to announce that the party has endorsed me. Manicaland will have its conference on Saturday and I have already sealed the qualification to stand,” he said.


Meanwhile, Chamuka has announced the party’s national executive which was constituted through a rigorous process over the past two months.


“We are happy with those that have been elected into positions and upbeat about the prospect of us winning the elections next year. My message to them is that please, work hard for the party and together we can win,” he said.




1. National Chairperson: Simemezile Dube


2. Deputy National Chairperson: Sailas Tambu


3. General Secretary: Hlomayizi Zifosho


4. Deputy General Secretary: Lusimo Chamuka


5. Organizing Secretary: Josua Zimbeva


6. Deputy Organizing Secretary: Wishman Munangagwa


7. Treasure General:Vimbai Munhuru


8. Project Director: Emely Ngwena


9. Deputy Project Director: Viginia Desuza


10. Election Director: Prosper Mkwananzi


11. Deputy Election Director: Tain Muvedzenga


12. Administrator General: Alice Phiri


13. Deputy Administrator General: Joyce Musasa


14. National Rural Director: Letiwe Msila


15. Chairlady: Nyasha Chidoti


16. Deputy Chairlady: Brabra Gwasira


17. National Youth President: Thaba Msila


18. Deputy National Youth President: Nyasha Mthunzi


19. Secretary for Education: Tambudzai Mendurwa


20. Deputy Secretary for Education: Tarisai Machingawuta


21. Security Director: Onward Ndlovu Chamuka


22. Deputy Security Director: Bornfaset Ncube


23. Intelligence Advisor: Itai Dengure


24. Party Mobalisation: Wellington Mangwiro


25. Secretary for Public Relations: Khonzani Ndlovu


26. Party spokesperson: Prudence


27. Party advisor: Miriam Chamuka Mangwiro


28. Secretary for Agriculture: MR Phiri


29. Deputy Secretary for Agriculture: Hlanganiso Vuma

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