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Retailers Declare Full-Fledged War Against Covid-19

Mr. Denford Mutashu, the CZR President

By Staff Reporter

Following increased daily Covid-19 infections and the Government’s recent invitation for business entities and the private sector to venture in and assist in the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) has called upon businesses to commit and save the nation through donations.

In a statement released on Monday, CZR president, Mr. Denford Mutashu said as the country is grappling because of the pandemic, it was the right time for retailers, wholesalers, and the entire business community to join hands with the Government and prioritise the sanctity of life.

“The Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers is calling up all retailers, wholesalers, and the entire business community to rally behind government in the fight against the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

“Government recently invited the business community and private sector to extend a hand in the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines which require close to US$100m. This is the time where the sanctity of life should be put forward ahead of profit gains. This is therefore an opportunity for businesses to come to the party and play a critical role in saving the masses that also double up as their consumers,” Mutashu said.

He reiterated that fighting the pandemic remains critical in defeating this pandemic and stressed that the war has now become a situation which require close collaboration regardless of political inclination.

Additionally, Mutashu said one person saved through vaccines procurement is one potential customer retained thus, it was imperative for business to imitate the goods deeds of other business operators who positively contributed to the benefit of the society.

“Business should always emulate yesteryear business people like the late Mr Machipisa who was instrumental in the Liberation struggle and this is a chance for businesses and the private sector to make a difference.

“This is a fight we must win and this can only be achieved if there is close collaboration between Government,retailers,wholesalers and the business community as whole.”

There is no amount of financial assistance, he said, that is small in ad much as the fight against Covid-19 is concerned.

Mutashu said donations and contributions for this initiative can be sent directly to the following National Disaster Fund accounts and Mobile Wallets:
Account Name: National Disasters Fund Account

CBZ 21537300057 USD
CBZ 21537300077 ZAR
CBZ 21537300047 ZWL
Account Name: National Disasters Fund Account
ECONET: 140286
TELECEL: 216732
NETONE: 094178

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