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Review of the Book “Becoming A Person of Impact: The Six-Pack Approach”

Book Review

By Lovemore Chazingwa

Author: Kudzanai Vere

Title: Becoming A Person of Impact: The Six-Pack Approach

Publisher: Transformational Mindset Institute

ISBN: 9781779250957

Published: April 2020

Category: Transformative

The publication is a piece pregnant with ingredients of a modern mind transcending spaces that were previously reserved for the elite and privileged. The title Becoming A Person Of Impact: The Six-Pack Approach points the radar to triggering one to be someone who leaves an indelible mark in the lives of people towards development, hence, pulling toward the desired impact and making the world a better place to live in.

In the introduction the author alludes to this fact in no uncertain terms when he propounds: ‘’Leave a positive mark for generations to come. If you die today what are you going to be remembered for? If you are not comfortable with your answer to this, do something now and make a difference,” p 2 paragraph 2.

The writer, an entrepreneur and transformational speaker of note, has amassed his energies to putting into perspective the element that everyone is endowed with the talent to make an impact in the lives of people or communities around the world. What is lacking is the intuition and motivation to take the first step forward. It courts the adage that everyone matters.

His work is acknowledged by reputable professionals who give credit to what the inspirational writer has brought to the table for the profession. They all speak in unison on the fact that Vere has come of age in his endeavour to inspire the world for a developmental trajectory.

One of the endorsers of the work have this to say, “Kudzanai is a fresh voice in the corridors of life coaching and motivational speaking. I treasure the wisdom shared in this book, it will enable you to become a person of impact. If you want to change your life this is a good book written by one of our own. Read and be inspired,’’ Advocate Arthur Marara p iv paragraph 1.

The book is organised in such a way that it takes one from identifying their talents and themselves to utilizing the gifts to the utmost fulfilment they can. Tools that can be exploited in achieving such goals are set out clearly for the reader who will find the book a nugget to keep in the collector’s cabinet.

From Discovering Self turning to Re-Order Your Life shouldering on Emerge meandering to Network pointing to Continuous Improvement then halting at Transcend, the author has morphed magic bullet topics in a publication that not only teaches someone to inspire generations, but, to organize themselves into leaders of note.

As has become a tradition, he borrows widely from world leading motivational and inspirational speakers and writers.

“If you think you can, you are right and if you think you can’t you are also right,” world renowned automobile inventor Henry Ford is quoted, p xvii.

Not only that, inspirational words by John Addison come in handy,

“You’re either green and growing or you’re ripe and dying” p 93.

For those of us who want to keep growing these relevant quotes tickles us into action as Vere wants to provoke that ‘must win’ mentality in multitudes of his followers.

Biblical connotations have their space in the loaded piece of art, ‘

“Let there be light,’’ and there was light. When the Almighty uttered these words, He was sure, confident and highly expectant. His action gave birth to a positive result, light.’’

He has coined inspirational adages that resonate with his philosophy and worldwide progressive dynamics,

 “A farmer is not someone who is known for standing on the pulpit preaching farming to friends,” p55 and,

“You are good as a person, but you can be better through networking,” p 79.

To demonstrate his focus, he puts the reader at the centre of what is popularly known as the wheel of life which is surrounded by those aspects that drive a person. The wheel of life is a mind-opener for readers who get an insight into what life is made of.

The whole literary work is an edifying product which, for all intents and purposes, expounds one to make impact in their life. Such impact also, is of priceless benefit to them. It is explained by the author that work one does for the benefit of others comes in turn to benefit them showing that life is what you make it.

Motivational speaker Noah Mangwarara delivered a good account of himself in the foreword which shreds into how Vere ventured into this line of work, that of transforming lives.

The author has other three books, an entrepreneurship book Exceed Beyond the Ordinary: A Step-by-Step Guide On How to Become a High Voltage Entrepreneur, Soul Food Volume One, a personal development book and Soul Food Volume Two, a business book. 

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