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Sasai: An African Technological Milestone

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United Nations estimated the current world population to be 7.7bn people. This is forecasted to be 8bn and 10bn people living on this planet in 2023 and 2055 respectively. According to un.orgthis population is shared among the continents of the world; 61% of the population of the world lives in Asia, 17% of the world population lives in Africa, 8% of the population lives in Latin America and the Caribbean, 10% lives in Europe and 5% lives in North America and Oceania.

What are the economic values of these metrics? The GDP of every continent depends on some factors; two among them are the population size and the technological level. So, the economy of Asia and Africa have good prospect in population wise. What about the prospect of these two continents in technological wise? China and the Asian Tigers are leading the continent of Asia in terms of technological advancements. We have innovations such as 5G, AI, social media platforms such as wechat, Alipay and Alibaba tech platforms evolving from China and Asia.

In the continent of Africa we have achieved little in the above areas but we are developing our own inventions and platforms. One of the outstanding technological breakthroughs in Africa recently is Sasai

Sasai’s Core Components

As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella rightly put it “longevity in business lies in the ability of the business to reinvent itself or invent the future”. As it applies to the corporate world or business so it is to every economy because the growth of every economy and the strength of their currencies are hinged on their innovated and invented values.

Sasai is an African technology that combines the business models of traditional and modern businesses to form an outstanding business. It is a technology that is developed to operate with the future technological revolutions of AI and 5G. Sasai is a technology developed by Cassava Fintech International; a company in Econet Group led by the prestigious African entrepreneur Dr. Strives Masiyiwa.

The core components of Sasai are;

  • Chat
  • Explore
  • Pay

The Chat Component

This is the aspect of the model that captures the social media business. Sasai chat is an instant messaging platform that works like the popular WatsAppWechatFacebookInstagram among others. With the Sasai chat you can communicate in voice, text and video with your family and friends and form great networks. …just chat once, you will chat with sasai forever.

The Explore Component

The explore component gives the users of the platform the opportunity to use products and services of their interest. You can explore music, videos, sports, games and tourist destinations and other interesting things that thrill you… Just explore, you will enjoy Sasai forever.

The Pay Component

This is the aspect of the model that combines Mobile money, Fintech and Ecommerce. With Sasai pay you can pay for any services you explore and you can conveniently transfer cash from any country in the world . A good example is ordering a ride through Vaya and making the payment with Sasai, you can make online payments using SasaiPay features. You can now chat, Shop online, explore and make payment via Sasai pay. …just pay via Sasai, you will enjoy it forever…

The Mind Blowing Benefits Of Sasai to Businesses and Users

What an amazing values users and businesses stand to benefit when you can chat, explore and pay with Sasai App. The product is a pan-African device; it is available for the 54 countries of Africa and those in the diaspora. The benefits are in two forms:

  • Sasai Benefits to Busnesses
  • Sasai Benefits to Users

Benefits To Businesses

Sasai platform will create many values or benefits for business owners and entrepreneurs in Africa. Some of them are;

  • Facilities Financial Transactions: business owners can order anything via the Sasai platform and make the payment at the speed of touch. A good example is a business that needs logistic service. Such business can through Sasai order for a vehicle through Vaya and make payment through it for the services. In Nigeria there is e-tax payment, so with Sasai tax can be paid right from your Smartphone; SMEs can raise fund using crowdfunding strategy via the Sasai platform. Wao, what an amazing Sasai value propositions.
  • Marketing platforms: Just as Facebook, Instagram, TwitterlinkedInMedium, Wechat, Watsapp provide analytical data for marketing for businesses. Sasai is a good platform that is useful to market your services and products.

Benefits to Users

Some of the benefits to the users are as follow:

  • Networking Benefits: the social media platform creates an opportunity to make friends across the entire continent. This friendship and connections could lead to great indirect benefits like the co-founders of lyftJohn Zimmer and Logan Green met on Facebook platform. Read about business models from this book #3S Rules
  • Faster Communication: you can communicate faster and efficiently. Your communications could be through voice, text, audio and video. All these benefits are what you will get from one platform “Sasai.”

Don’t be told about the amazing opportunities of Sasai, take a step to experience it yourself. Go ahead and download it and enjoy the best of time with Sasai.

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