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Selmor Mtukudzi Album launch set for Friday 31 January 2019


Popular Afro-jazz musician and heiress to Tuku music legacy, Selmor Mtukudzi will launch her sixth album ‘Dehwe ReNzou’ at RM Garden Hall at the Harare Show Grounds this Friday 31 January 2020.

‘Dehwe ReNzou’ follows up on the release of a single ‘Mandidzimbira’ dedicated to Oliver Mtukudzi last week. The well-received single has set the tone and warmed the stage for the launch of ‘Dehwe ReNzou’.

The much anticipated album launch has been spiced up with the inclusion of the ever green Alick Macheso, on the performance line up. Macheso, undoubtedly the King of Zimbabwean music after the death of Oliver Mtukudzi, brings in a Sungura flare to Selmor Mtukudzi’s Katekwe. Over the last two months Macheso has also roped in Selmor Mtukudzi as a supporting act during his tours. That fatherly gesture significantly helped to take Selmor’s music to the people.

A fusion of Afro-Jazz and traditional local beats, ‘Dehwe Renzou’ is an 11 track album. It was produced by Steve Dyer at Dyertribe studios in South Africa except a single house track which was done by McDee.

Steve Dyer is renowned for producing Oliver Mtudzi’s platinum album ‘Tuku Music’. He also produced ‘Bvuma’ and ‘Paivepo’, albums which totally changed Mtukudzi’s music fortunes. On the other hand McDee is credited for producing Selmor’s popular house tracks like ‘Hangasa’ and ‘Nguva Yangu.’

Veteran Black Spirits members Picky Kasamba, Never Mpofu and Sam Mataure also featured on the album. Picky Kasamba did backing vocals and percussion whilst Never Mpofu and Sam Mataure played bass and drums respectively. Legendary South African musician Vusi Mahlasela popularly known as ‘The Voice’ also features on one of the tracks.

Though it is not easy to pick the best tracks from the well packaged album, Zvine Basa Rei, Uchafinhwa, Tanda Mbizi and Unconditional Love are leading the others in terms of popular appeal.

The album launch starts at 7.30pm till late. Admission is US$ 5 equivalent for ordinary tickets and US $10 for VIP tickets.

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