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Charles Gono

By Charles Gono

The generosity of humanity calls for tenure, supremacy, and vastness but the majority dies in a shadow of the prospect. Great lives are the culmination of great thoughts followed by enormous auditions. Sturdy times never stay but strong people do. No matter how great your dreams are, they are just useless until they are planted on the ground.

Human life is packed with innumerable spiritual and physical battles despite gender, age, race, or mysticism but those with flamboyant cerebral stance for their future will overcome them.

Concentration is another secret of strength, so don’t move around uttering your battles. John F. Kennedy says, “Don’t ask ‘Why’ ask instead ‘Why not?”

Below are some of the crucial sticks that you may hold on to as you map out your way to conquest. This script shall single out some attributes revealed by David on his victory over Goliath: (Source: Holy Bible -1Sam 17).

Do not let intimidation scare you from the battlefield. Courage is resistance to fear, master of panic -not absence of terror. The veracity is that every human life by nature is a battleground but an individual must be strong enough to face on hand rigid situations with the mind of accomplishment.

Many people are good at illuminating the climax of their problems than solutions. The more you give attention to terrorization, the more your courage is thwarted. Listening to threats magnifies their impact in your mind; be mentally alert.

Sometimes you just need to confront your challenges instead of paying attention and acting according to the arrows thrown by the enemies of evolution. Do not query your abilities; victory is primarily won in the mind. Do not tolerate unconstructive thoughts to devastate your mind, be affirmative in every circumstance. The cave you fear most to enter contains great treasure.

Another crucial aspect of life is to believe in who you are. Life is exceptionally undemanding but most people squander ages aspiring to do like others not knowing that life is like an examination with diverse questions so no need to copy someone.

Sustain your uniqueness in every situation knowing that God blessed us with special talents and gifts. Every human being was fashioned for dominance but life fulfillment is noticeable only when finding your purpose.

It is also vital to mind your business and learn to concentrate. Focusing on the outside can distract you from seeing the truth of what is really on the inside. Goliath’s heavy amour was what sent the Israelites army running away because of what they saw on the outside but David recognized the name of their Mighty God which was with them and grabbed it and victory was certain.  

One must be able to discern personal life and know why he/she fights. Every action in life must be determined and results-oriented. Vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is just a nightmare. You don’t need to move mountains; you just need to know where to aim.  Doing a lot of things doesn’t make one successful but focusing on one thing at a time will make you an expert. 

Do your modest fragment of superior things wherever you are. It’s those tiny bits of good put together that overwhelm the globe.  A manuscript is an arrangement of chapters. The chapter is an arrangement of paragraphs; a paragraph is an arrangement of sentences; a sentence is a combination of words; a word is an arrangement of letters. Don’t overlook that we have only twenty-six letters in the alphabet but how a star uses them to finally have a volume.

The mystery of accomplishing immense possessions in life is on how we use those minute things around us. Someone’s life seems to be insignificant subsequent to all the sweat but don’t retreat from the ground.

The word perseverance doesn’t make sense without the last ‘e’ but someone after gathering eleven letters can throw it away not knowing that only a letter is left for it to make sense. Persistence is important no matter how long it may take. A dog can give birth to five puppies three times while an elephant will be carrying a single pregnancy. Know what you are carrying.

Acquire comprehension and insight into whatsoever you would like to pursue. There is nothing immoral with asking questions. Be humble enough to know that even if you might have other great abilities to do mighty things, you need someone to give an opinion.

Victory cannot be attained by individual effort and strength alone. There is a constant fraction that other people will cooperate for your own good. Admit that the next person knows something which you do not, which justifies why we should be humble enough to worth others and purchase essential information from them.

Be prepared to fight alone for your vision and goals because not everyone will believe you. Some will misinterpret your intentions, they may even dishearten you. Age is not a barricade in anything you want to pull off in life no matter how aged or young you are as long as you are convicted to.

Your background should not determine your bravery. Soul had to ask David whose son he was because to most people the background has an effect on the value that people will attach to them. Reputation will be established by your own intensity of bravery in facing your challenges.

The secret behind victory also lies in seeing yourself based on who you are before getting your hands on people’s opinions. If David had listened to people trying to hark back to him that he was just a shepherded boy, things would have curved differently in an awful way.

In nutshell, enter every activity without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your weakness, on your powers instead of your problems. Many things which cannot be overcome when they are together yielding themselves up when taken little by little. Your past is not your potential. In an hour you can choose to liberate yourself for the future. Discretion is being able to raise your eyebrow instead of your voice: stand up today and fight for yourself.

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