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Smart agriculture: NetOne offers Hurudza/Umlimi Omkhulu (rima pakuru) platform

Hurudza/Umlimi Omkhulu NetOne smart agriculture platform

State-owned mobile telecommunications service provider NetOne’s mandate and thrust is to provide digital solutions. As such, it has introduced an exciting and relevant innovation, Hurudza/Umlimi Omkhulu a new agricultural platform for farmers that allows them to subscribe and get access to diverse information in the farming ecosystem.

The Hurudza/Umlimi Omkhulu platform is here to address a number of the farmer’s pain points. These include, but not limited to, inadequate access to extension services, that is technical advice on farming and connecting farmers to necessary inputs and services to support their agricultural production.

Another element addressed by this innovation is the issue of limited real-time operational information on pricing and markets, information on the prevailing diseases and cures, and haphazard and uncoordinated agricultural processes, which affect yield quantity and quality.

The platform will also eradicate the “middle man” effect thereby increasing profit margins for the farmer. This means that farmers will not be found wanting in terms of agricultural regulations caused by weak communication links to direct networks within the ecosystem. The NetOne Hurudza/Umlimi Omkhulu is the only way for any farmer.

The Hurudza/Umlimi Omkhulu Smart Agriculture platform also provides a marketplace that gives an opportunity to the farmers to access information on the number of players in the market, and opportunities for Farmers, Governments, and Agricultural produce suppliers locally and internationally. The platform allows one to have access to information provided related to supporting industries for farm inputs, equipment, and financiers.

To access the Hurudza/Umlimi Omkhulu USSD platform the subscriber opts into the premium Agro Tips via the shortcode *140#. Subscribers also have the freedom to opt-out of the service as and when they wish. The content service shall be auto-renewal enabled to ease opt-ins for lapsed subscriptions for subscribers. Hurudza/Umlimi Omkhulu content services are available in two packages, that is weekly and monthly subscriptions. Weekly subscriptions shall be awarded a bonus of 10 free SMS & monthly subscriptions shall be awarded a bonus of 10 On-Net Mins.


This NetOne innovation will capacitate every farmer to have access to information despite their location or whether one has a smartphone or a Kambudzi phone as it is also accessed through USSD. Adding to that, because of its affordability, no one in any place is left behind. This is also in line with NetOne’s CSI Empowerment pillar to bridge the digital divide when it comes to access to information and connecting the unconnected.

Following the recent World Telecommunications Day celebrations the elderly are also not left behind now they can plan for winter farming, Pfumvudza all at ease. Efforts are underway to educate the elderly on the use of ICTs and such platforms as Hurudza Umhlimi Umkhulu will certainly add value to communal farmers. Farming is now a click away.


Indeed NetOne is changing people’s lives bringing convenience, it’s your number one digital solutions network.


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Byron Adonis Mutingwende