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Spiritual leader Sekuru Banda weighs in on xenophobia

Sekuru Banda

By Byron Mutingwende


Celebrated traditional healer and spiritual leader Sekuru Banda has expressed disdain at the on-going xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Addressing journalists in the capital soon after touching down at the Robert Mugabe International Airport from Asia where he had gone for an international herbal conference in China and Japan, Sekuru Banda said what was obtaining in South Africa was in contrast to Ubuntuism and the African spirit of unity and peace.

“I learnt with great shock the barbaric, unacceptable violence in South Africa that I witnessed on the news while I was attending the international herbal conference in Asia.

“South Africans should learn that we are one people in spite of the geographical boundaries imposed on us by the imperialists. We live in a global village where we should share and exchange businesses, cultures and religions in peace and harmony. No man has a right to take away another man’s life regardless of race, colour or creed, “ Sekuru Banda said.

He said that while executing his duties, he doesn’t discriminate his clients on nationality, ethnicity, race or tribe.

“I have helped clients from all over the world be it Asia, America, Europe or Africa. The problems that are faced by mankind are the same whether one is black, yellow or white.”

Sekuru Banda’s concerns come in the wake of xenophobic attacks that have rocked South Africa where foreigners’ were beaten up or killed and had their shops looted and vehicles burnt down.

South Africa has received international condemnation with some African leaders pulling out of the World Economic Forum that was hosted in that country.

Sekuru is famous for performing amazing miracles that include healing people afflicted by various ailments, returning stolen property, and restoration of broken marriages .

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