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Spring and Summer Yoga Retreat Schedule at Tamazirt

Spring and Summer Yoga Retreat Schedule at Tamazirt
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Taghazout, Morocco,  Tamazirt by Amayour yoga retreat centre near Taghazout, Morocco has announced its spring and summer yoga retreat schedule, placing an emphasis on capturing the energy of new and full moons, and equinoxes.

“Tamazirt means countryside and amayour means full moon in local Amazigh dialect Shilha,” explains Tamazirt by Amayour co-owner Shiraz Ksaiba. “As the lunar energy can be felt for up to three days either side of the new or full moon, we want to capture this energy during our yoga retreats at Tamazirt by Amayour.”

“Spring represents a time of new beginnings and, here in Agouni in Morocco’s Anti-Atlas Mountains, the seasons change before our eyes with the fruit trees in bloom, verdant argan forests, and fields with farmers tending their crops. It’s also a good time for surfing in nearby Taghazout for those looking for a bit more physical activity,” adds Ksaiba.

Participants are encouraged to join in mindful walks through the rolling countryside, or soak up the panoramic views from the rooftop yoga shala or terrace-level dining area as shepherds graze their herds through the argan trees. In keeping with Amayour’s food philosophy, daily meals are prepared using fresh ingredients from the fishing boats, rural markets and even the local gardens to ensure guests dine on the finest seasonal ingredients.

With a belief that yoga should be accessible, Ksaiba has designed a programme to fit all budgets and while maintaining the little luxuries of modern travel and ensuring classes are adapted to participants’ abilities.

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