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Teach children to trace their cultural roots: ZIMFEBI


Luckson ‘Manlukerz’ Chikutu, the Zimbabwe Music Festival Bira (ZIMFEBI) proprietor has said since families have their origins and family trees, it is important to inculcate in children the need for them to trace and understand their roots.

ZIMFEBI promotes culture in Zimbabwe and other countries while the festival gives an insight of Zimbabweans’ identities and their families.

Speaking from his base in Sweden, Manluckerz appealed for funding to do outreach programmes in promoting cultural diversity.

“We cannot do outreaches now because we do not have funding. So we are calling upon government and organisations to chip in,” he said.

The cultural fete has been instrumental in cultural information dissemination in communities.

He said he will try to reach the Ministry of Youths Sports Arts and Recreation to get assistance in resuming the outreach programmes.

“I have noticed that the Ministry is reaching out to many artistes so that alone is good on our part because we can work on partnerships to foster our work forward,” he said.

Launched in 2014 at the Book Café, the organisation has held outreach programmes locally in areas such as Guruve, Zvimba, Kadoma and Gokwe before taking it to Sweden.

“Diverse cultures and traditions can influence and reflect human beings in modern society. In the long term it may also contribute to a peaceful and harmonious society with independent and strong individuals,” he wrote in the book.

Since 2006 ZIMFEBI has been involved in a number of cultural workshops before launching in Sweden, in 2007.

In 2010 the organisation participated at the Secret Festival with musicians from Europe and Africa that was held in Oland.

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