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TelOne’s TelTrack helps in fleet management

TelOne today unveiled the TelTrack vehicle tracking and fleet management system that will help towards the attainment of the Government’s Vision 2030.

Dr. Jenfan Muswere, the Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, in his keynote address during the launch, said with such product innovations, Zimbabwe’s digital economy awakens and the nation is empowered to make data-driven decisions.

The ICT Ministry has been given a specific mandate to assist in the digitisation of the government and the nation as a whole resulting in the acceleration and conclusion of many projects that are being implemented by the different entities under the sector.

TelOne has been able to deliver several such projects under the Government’s 100 Day Project Management model.

“I am therefore pleased that once again, we are here launching and celebrating the innovativeness that is now becoming synonymous with TelOne through the launch of Teltrack. It is products like TelTrack that respond directly to the call to a Digital Zimbabwe which is a key priority under Government’s Vision 2030.

“This system comes at an opportune time where dynamics in the market continue to evolve and has since proven its capability in high tech fleet management; buoyed on the back of TelOne’s robust telecommunications infrastructure particularly the National Operations Centre, which we launched a few months ago. The ability by TelOne to harness the huge investment made through the deployment of new technology in their network through embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) as we have seen today is most commendable,” Dr. Muswere said.

Teltrack is a robust system which will help users to get insights on their vehicles at any given time, including information about the locations of vehicles, driving behaviour and fuel management.  This certainly makes this a very useful product even for the Government with its thousands of vehicles.

As part of Government efforts to improve efficiency, and under the guidance of the ICT Ministry, TelOne has partnered with CMED in providing TelTrack for the management of the Government’s national fleet. The tracking units for this system are being installed daily on the national fleet to boost efficiencies and come up with valuable digital data that is being used to effectively manage the government vehicles.

The product has been embraced by a number of councils and other private players.

Dr. Muswere said TelOne is on a serious drive to diversify its business portfolio by coming up with Value Added Services solutions that ride on their current products and services offering. He said instead of just offering Voice and Data services, products like TelTrack demonstrate that there is a great future for TelOne and the business in Zimbabwe.

“Having recently celebrated TelOne’s return to profitability with a $142 million operating profit announced at their AGM last month, I am very confident that with such initiatives as Teltrack, this financial performance position can be accelerated.

Mrs. Chipo Mtasa, the TelOne Managing Director said TelOne has moved from just being the providers of voice and data services to taking an active role in transforming the community through technology solutions in line with the Vision of creating a “Digitally enabled society by 2023”.

She emphasised that a digitally-enabled community not only requires access to connectivity but also to digital products that make use of the wide broadband network that TelOne has deployed in the last few years and continue to improve on.

The past few months have seen TelOne launching LTE Blaze, ZITCO, NOC, Makuti-Chirundu fibre network, Leaner’s Tab and iMPACT Learning platform.

“It is therefore with pleasure that today, we bring you potentially our biggest product this year; TelTrack vehicle tracking platform!” Mrs. Mtasa said.

TelTrack is a world class vehicle tracking and monitoring solution based on a globally accepted technology in use in over 23 countries. It is a product aimed at ensuring organisations have sight and are able to improve their fleet’s efficiencies by curbing abuse of an organisation’s resources

The system helps fleet owners and managers track the location of their vehicles. This not only helps manage their drivers but also helps in the location and recovery of stolen vehicles. This comes in handy especially now with the number of car thefts rising with a 37% increase in car thefts having been recorded in 2019.

The solution is suitable commercial or individual vehicles for Government, Corporates, SMEs, and personal. It allows for live vehicle monitoring using GPS signals.  To accompany this quality product is a host of invaluable features and support services including a 24/7 in-house control room making use of our state-of-the-art National Operations Centre that we recently launched. The system also uses predictive analysis and intelligence loaded with statistics and reports key in ensuring vehicles are managed and maintained in a good state. With such information, businesses will not only find it easier to manage their fleets but they are digitally enabled to do so profitably.

“Together with our partners, CarTrack, who are the original equipment manufacturers out of South Africa and KBIT South Africa who are experts in the provision of systems applications and products (SAP) services and business intelligence tools to come up with the TelTrack product, we are already tracking vehicles for several key players in our economy including our own Government vehicles. TelTrack boasts of its robustness as a globally tried and tested platform and has one of the highest recoveries rates in the world at 91%. We are indeed delighted to be associate with this robust solution built in Africa for Africa.

“As we launch TelTrack, we are also pleased to announce a value add to the product, TelTrack Telematics Insurance which is a bundle we are offering in partnership with Sanctuary Insurance. Telematics insurance is a type of car insurance that takes advantage of devices and on-board diagnostic devices to define customized insurance cover and premiums,” Mrs. Mutasa added

CMED was among TelOne’s first clients. TelONe is also working with the Truckers Association, Passenger transport operators, various corporates and individual businesses. TelOne’s expansive technology supported by a wide geographical spread with 154 points of physical presence countrywide makes it the ideal partner of choice.

The TelOne Head for Innovation Eng. Farai Mutambirwa took delegates through a short presentation and demonstration of TelTrack.

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