What Is Seed Cycling? Effects on Hormones and Menopause

Getting off hormonal birth control pills can cause a myriad of undesirable side effects. The most popular ones include irregular periods and breast tenderness. The body naturally restores its natural cycle through hormone balancing. However, it may take a while before your cycles are back to normal. Although there are various solutions available to women, seeding has become a mainstream recommendation you can attempt. According to studies, seed cycling delivers vital ingredients and nutrients that are essential in the synthesis and metabolism of various hormones. It is a widespread belief that seeding can quickly revamp your hormone tanks to speed up recovery and stabilise your cycles. Here is a brief look at how seeding impacts hormones and menopause.

What is seed cycling?

Seed cycling merely involves upping your daily consumption of seeds to aid hormone balance and restore regular, predictable cycles. It is popular among women who are struggling with various hormones balance issues like PMS, PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), irregular periods, and post-birth control syndrome. Seeding offers you multiple meal options to quickly restore your natural monthly cycle. It involves taking different seeds during different phases of your period to help the body achieve its goal of restoring hormone levels and balance.

How does it work?

It involves eating a specific combination of seeds during particular times. Seeds contain high-quality plant protein and other essential nutrients that are instrumental for hormone synthesis and balance.

Flax seeds, for instance, can elevate your natural oestrogen level. They also contain dietary fibre in high amounts, which is helpful in oestrogen metabolism. Different seeds deliver different nutrients so you should choose your options carefully. The goal is to increase your consumption of those that contain the vitamins and minerals you seek. The essential compounds include zinc, selenium, fibre, and lignans. You can find them in flax, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds.

Taking these seeds in cycles can prop your body to restore balance. It also increases the level of oestrogen and progesterone during different crucial phases in your monthly cycle. You can also use cannabis products such as CBD oil and feminized marijuana seeds for a variety of health benefits and to help remedy the symptoms of menopause.

How does seed cycling impact hormones?

Although research is yet to explain whether seed cycling treats the said symptoms (irregular cycles PMS and PCOS), it shows great promise. Seeds such as flax and pumpkin contain lignans, zinc, and selenium which are essential nutrients for hormone synthesis. They also improve the metabolism of oestrogen. Seed cycling involves two main phases. Day 1 of your period to day 14 is the follicular phase while day 14 to day 28 is the luteal phase.

When you eat flax and pumpkin seeds during the follicular phase, it helps to restore oestrogen levels and speeds up the process of cleaning and preparing the next egg for ovulation. It also provides the fiber that improves oestrogen metabolism, thus regulating oestrogen and progesterone ratios to prevent one hormone from becoming overly dominant. As you approach the 14th day, your estrogen levels drop, and progesterone begins to increase; days into ovulation.

The luteal phase involves preparing and thickening the uterus following ovulation. According to experts, eating sunflower and sesame seeds during the luteal phase can help restore balance in your cycles. These seeds contain lignans and essential fatty acids that facilitate and regulate the production and metabolism of progesterone and other hormones present during the luteal phase.

Seed cycling and menopause

Menopause can come with various symptoms, and hormonal imbalance is a popular example. There are different treatment options for menopause symptoms such as loss of appetite, insomnia, mood swings, pain, and hot flushes. Alternative complementary treatment with CBD can also help relieve various undesirable symptoms. If you are in Canada, you can mail order marijuana and CBD products and have them delivered to your doorstep or convenient location. Make sure you choose reputable retailers and dispensaries.

Seed cycling for women going through menopause, post-partum moms, post-menopausal, and those experiencing no periods (amenorrhea) is not much different. It serves the same purpose; to regulate hormone balance. If there are no periods to dictate your seed choices, you use the full moon cycle instead. There are two full moons in a month (28days), the first full moon becomes your day 1, at this stage take flax and pumpkin seeds. The next is day 14 when you switch to sesame and sunflower.


Seed cycling is a simple method that can help your body stock essential fatty acids, nutrients, and phytochemicals from your diet. It also helps to regulate different hormones involved in the female cycle. It is crucial to find high-quality organic seeds for the best results. More importantly, you should note that the hormone balance has various triggers. Imbalances can result from lifestyle habits, nutrition, drugs, and medical conditions, among others. It is recommended to consult a doctor, especially if you experience mild to severe symptoms and irregularities. Your doctor can also help you establish a supportive lifestyle that allows your body to restore hormonal balance.

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