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Youth Dialogue Initiative: Calling For Another GNU

Youth Leaders

By Tendai Guvamombe

Youth Leaders representing various political youth leagues, assemblies and civic societies entered into a marriage of convenience when they launched Youth Dialogue Forum (YoDiF), a move which is likely to inspire another Government of National Unity (GNU) in making.

More than nine political parties had their youth representatives endorse the newly found initiative excerpt the MDC Alliance.

The MDC Alliance youth assembly were conspicuous by their absence and seemed to have taken a leaf from their mentor, Nelson Chamisa, who absconded from attending State House Dialogue.     

Caroline Mutusa, an MDC T youth representative urged all political parties to set aside their differences to pave way for a progressive dialogue to rectify socio-economic challenges bedevilling the nation.

“All political parties must now put their differences aside, collectively dialogue and seek sustainable solutions to the haemorrhaging economy in order to save lives.”

Youths regret participating in bloody atrocities and went ahead in calling for removal of suctions imposed on Zimbabwe to allow focus on social and economic transformation.

“Youths have been victims of polarisation on election related vices. We say no to violence and hate speech and call for an immediate removal of sanctions to allow focus on socio economic transformation,” she added.   

Alex Gakanje, the National Coordinator of Citizens Forum ruled out possibilities of another GNU formation though he admitted to have pressured political leaders to stampede the dialogue process.

“I don’t see political parties going into the Government of National Unity but leaders must not play around with this country. They must be threatened by the unity we have shown today. Their followers have spoken so if they decide to divide themselves as youth we will remain united against them and they are now working under pressure.”

The newly found youth initiative is likely to be taken regionally and abroad in the quest to restore Zimbabwe to its original status regardless of political affiliations.

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