A Journey Of Enriching Lives


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It’s not easy launching a new business and making it a success, but with the right help and support  Zimbabwean entrepreneurs can make their business dreams come true.

Magfin Investments staff members

This is something Fungai Tavaziva can certainly attest to. He was 33 when he opened his first business, a computer shop in Harare’s central business district. Lured by the fast pace of the public transport sector, he later closed his store and started running a  minibus business  But Fungai’s interest in technology remained, and in 2008 he ventured into the world of satellite TV, learning everything he could to become a DStv installer.

“I started out operating from a small flat located in the Avenues area in Harare. I remember clearly, I only had three 720i decoders in the beginning – those were those big black boxes! As my business started growing I moved into Herbert Chitepo complex and later opened a branch in the city centre along 4th Street. Despite the economic challenges, I pushed myself and worked really hard. This allowed me to open two more branches in Chitungwiza, followed by another in Avondale,” Fungai, a father of three, explains.

Aside from his driven and deeply committed work ethic, Fungai acknowledges the power of the support he received from MultiChoice Zimbabwe. While he started out in the beginning as an installer with skills learnt on the job, by working through MultiChoice he was able to access formal training, which he regularly refreshes through additional training opportunities.

As an accredited DStv agent, Fungai’s business – Magfin Investments Pvt Ltd  – has access to branding support from MultiChoice (overhead signs, DStv branded banners, promotional material and pavement branding), print and social media marketing support, branded uniforms for staff dealing with customers, and extensive agent support.

Fungai and his team also receive customer service and MultiChoice system training. This ensures that every team member remains customer focused and dedicated to providing excellent service to all DStv customers.

This co-creative relationship between Fungai and MultiChoice Zimbabwe has transformed his business from merely doing installations to becoming an accredited DStv agent. This enabled Fungai to recently open another branch in Ruwa and two additional branches in the city centre. This brings to seven the number of branches he operates, employing a total of 20 people.

“Focusing on one business – MultiChoice products – and accessing training in all the important areas has made all the difference. This has been a very exciting and rewarding journey for me, and I am grateful to MultiChoice for giving me the opportunity to become a successful business in Zimbabwe as a DStv agent. MultiChoice really does enrich lives, and for me that has meant embracing diversity and financial freedom,” says Fungai, who also supports his mentally challenged brother as well as other relatives.

With the current lockdown situation leaving people vulnerable to exploitation by criminals looking to make a quick buck, there has been an increase in the number of people being duped by bogus DStv installers. Fungai says it’s important now more than ever that Zimbabweans seek out accredited installers and agents to handle their DStv queries.

“Never trust so-called agents online or on social media that you don’t know. Check their credentials first by verifying with MultiChoice through their telecall centre website, www.dstvafrica.com or through their facebook page www.facebook.com/DStvZimbabwe.

If you are not certain about the person or transaction, or you are asked to send money via sms, don’t do it,” he advises.

Magfin Investments offers DStv installations, sells DStv hardware and top of the range TV sets, and assists DStv customers with opening new accounts and upgrading their packages and DStv setups.