African Tourism Board’s Cuthbert Ncube Champions Unity in the Tourism Sector


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In a compelling interview on The Chief Koti Show, Cuthbert Ncube, the Chairman of the African Tourism Board (ATB), passionately articulated the pressing need for unity and self-acknowledgment within the African tourism sector. As a visionary leader, Mr. Ncube emphasized the importance of a collaborative approach involving both the public and private sectors to revitalize and reshape Africa’s image on the world stage.
“We are engaging with ministers and numerous stakeholders, including the private sector, to shake ourselves out of outdated marketing practices and start speaking with one unified voice,” Ncube asserted during the interview. His message resonated with the idea that Africa must first recognize its own value and riches before it can properly present itself to its neighbors and the global community.
Ncube addressed the challenges faced by the continent, pointing out the persistent global perceptions that label Africa as underdeveloped and associate it with negative images. “It’s a fact that the playing field is not level. Africa is still seen through a lens of hunger and disease. But when the universe was created, Africa was bestowed with the best,” Ncube passionately articulated. He stressed the vital need for Africans to embrace their identity and the continent’s rich resources.
He continued, emphasizing the potential power of unity in the continent. “When we come together, we are a formidable force,” he stated. Mr. Ncube envisions an Africa where its potential is fully recognized and appreciated, not just for its untapped investment opportunities but also as a premier travel destination.
This strong call to action from the chairman of the ATB aims to ignite a transformative movement within the continent’s tourism sector. By fostering a better understanding and appreciation of Africa’s true value among its own people, Ncube believes that the continent can significantly influence positive perceptions and economic outcomes on a global scale.
The interview not only served as a platform for discussing these vital issues but also highlighted Cuthbert Ncube’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the stature and unity of Africa in the realms of global tourism and investment.
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