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All set for Awareness Campaign on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Victor Kunonga

On Saturday 5 January 2019, the Marlborough Social Group (MSG) will host an awareness campaign on alcohol and substance abuse at St. Canisius Catholic Church in Marlborough starting at 10 am.

This event has been necessitated by a need to facilitate community-level awareness, engagement and subsequently, intervention. At the event, MSG will anchor various community stakeholders including experts in the field,  churches, schools, local police, parents & guardians, members of civil society and Ward 41 Councillor, Hon. Kudzai Kadzombwe.

Members of the public are invited to attend the event to receive information on the impact of drug and alcohol abuse in Zimbabwe and its effect on the physical wellbeing and mental health of a person. In addition, an outline of the nature of substances abused in Zimbabwe, the relationship between substance abuse and criminal activity and the legal ramifications of such indulgences will be shared.

Over the years, several incidents have been attributed to alcohol and substance abuse among them, violent behaviours and the loss of lives. In an interview with Father Maganga, the parish priest of St. Canisius Catholic church, he said: Too many young lives are enslaved to substance abuse and we hope that this event may help some people get on the road to piecing their lives back together. We also hope that other communities across the country will mirror our activities to help give people the strength to overcome their challenges.”

The event will feature presentations from the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Zimbabwe Republic Police CID Narcotics, Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe, members of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous- to name a few. To have a holistic conversation, there will be two-panel sessions addressing: “The Problem within the School System” and “The Solution” to our inherent problem. Interested parties unable to make it to the venue may join the conversation online by following these hashtags: #rehabmarlborough, #rehabyouth and #SDG3.

Award-winning Afro rhythm artist, Victor Kunonga penned and recorded a song about love and tolerance that will be running alongside the theme for the awareness campaign.

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