An Open Letter To My Unborn Daughter


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By Elton Gomori



Beloved Daughter


I hope this letter finds you well. As I was pondering on your birth , growth and future, I couldn’t help pen this letter to express my emotion, feeling and the little wisdom I have mustered from my twenty seven years of existence on this spinning planet we call earth .


Mindful of the fact that you are going to come into this world as a girl, a woman in the waiting, it is paramount dear daughter, to realise that your virginity is not for sale, neither should it be cheap. You are God’s masterpiece, his own handiwork, don’t yet any man in this world treat you any less or make you believe or act any less. My daughter, my bubble girl, my buddle of joy, my most treasured ornament, the blood of my blood, my precious one : never be fooled by being lured into proving your love for anyone by the sideshows of sex before marriage, that is a sideshow and a sideline of the true love you can have for any man . Cognisant of the fact that to err is human and you are going to be a member of the human race, you may make a mistake, a terrible mistake of falling into fornication , nonetheless, never make it a lifestyle and playstyle by practicing it perpetually and habitually. That will be a detriment to your physical, social, emotional , spiritual and economic well being .


As I have mentioned earlier on my daughter, humans make mistakes. You too will make mistakes my angel, yes, you will. May I bring it to your awareness that the greatest mistake in the land of the living is not to make a mistake but to try not to make a mistake. Yes, my daughter, I will say it again; the greatest of all mistakes is never to make a mistake. It is wise to make a mistake, make mistakes with my blessing but never ever repeat the same mistake over and over again. It is wise to make a mistake, but it is foolhardy to repeat a mistake. Use mistakes as the most practical lessons and tutorials of life. A mistake is to a human being as teachers and lecturers are to academic institutions. Mistakes are potential facilitators of learning in life. Accept your mistakes, learn from them and use them as launch pads to better levels of wisdom and effectiveness. Making mistakes is a clear sign that you have conquered the fear to attempt. Those who have shunned from making mistakes have parked at the lay bay of the highway of success and ultimate greatness.


My daughter, I penned this letter with the hope that one day you will read it. Moreover, I wrote this epistle with the awareness that someone will have the guts to read this since it is open. Ostensibly, it is both correct and accurate that whoever is reading this piece of writing has a certain skill called literacy, the ability to read and write . That skill is the foundation and the vehicle to your greatness. Use it to the maximum. Many have the ability to read, a great and common attribute of the people of the twenty first century. Nevertheless, even though I exhorted you to make mistakes, it is so ironic that I want you to avoid the mistake of reading for examinations and communication purposes only. My daughter, most of the reading that will take you to the top in life is reading for personal edification. Read even if you are not preparing for exams. Read to sharpen your leadership and vitalise your approach to life and its challenge. Leaders are readers, if you don’t read you are no better that an individual who lived in ancient times past without the ability to read. A leader who does not read is indeed a waster of resources, they are like a broiler chick which eats without gaining any weight.


My daughter, be in the business of spending much of your time reading. Reading expands your knowledge base. A knowledgeable person is not an inferior person. If you are ignorant some people will urinate on your forehead convincing you that warm raindrops are falling on you. You see, my daughter, without knowledge some people will take you for a ride. When you grow up, you shouldn’t go into marriage with only hips and thighs, but with knowledge and ideas evidenced by your credentials, reasoning and solution provisions. It not enough to know you should apply what you know, to know and not to do what you know is not to know. You life will be transformed not by the aggregate knowledge you harbour but by the quantum knowledge you apply in real life situations. My daughter, we are having professors and PhD holders who are leading organisations that are in a ‘sorry state’, for lack of better phrase. Isn’t it a pity? To your knowledge add wisdom my daughter.

It is possible to have many diplomas, degrees and academic accolades and worse still remain stupid and foolish. It is possible to be very educated and foolish simultaneously. You need wisdom in as much as you need knowledge in order to materialize your potential to the fullest. Knowledge is obtained through learning, but wisdom comes through divine provision. Ask of wisdom from the creator of the universe through prayer and posture yourself into the wisdom magnetic field through following God’s precepts, concepts and principles enshrined in his word – The Holy Bible.



My dearest daughter, femininity is not a handicap. You are not inferior to man. Human potential is not gender determined. Perennial wisdom from human experience and divine revelation has it that women too can make it in this life. Yes. People like Mother Theresa, Theresa May, Winnie Mandela, Cindy Grimm and Opprah Winfrey among others are eloquent and articulate testimonies of the possibility of women rising to top echelons of success in their fields of endeavor. Dare to venture even in male dominated spectrums of life, if ever there is such a thing. You too can make it. Yes you can!


I’m looking forward to seeing you happy, healthy, and excelling as if its illegal to be average.


Your loving dad


Elton Gomori