Anti-drug abuse ambassador reaches out to colleges and universities

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Writes Chimeno Azriel

Zimbabwe’s Anti-Drug Abuse Ambassador, Nyanduri Langton Chemere, who is the African advocate poet, and master of ceremonies has taken the fight against drug and substance abuse to colleges and universities as a way to reduce the vice.

Nyanduri Langton Munyaradzi Chemhere, well known by his stage name Nyanduri LMC, is doing tours in Colleges and Universities to raise awareness on drug and substance abuse using poetry as a tool.

During an interview, the talented poet said he was touring Colleges and Universities in order to help young people to keep away from a life of drug abuse.

“I am touring Colleges and Universities helping many young people to leave drugs and start a drug and substance-abuse-free life,” said Nyanduri.

During the sidelines of one of his tours, at Midlands State University, Nyanduri stated that his poems talk about abstinence from drugs and they give hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak.

“My poems talk about the dangers of abusing drugs and how can you abstain from them. They give hope to the hopeless, especially everyone abusing drugs that it is possible to leave them and do what we call secondary abstinence,” narrated the poet.

When the poet visited Midlands State University, the students fell in love with his educative poems as his performance is regarded as edutainment. The students had to sing along with the talented poet.

“When I performed my advocacy poetry at MSU, the students were in love with my 3 poems called Zvinodhaka, Guka and Crystal Meth. The poems teach people how drugs can destroy one’s future and dreams.

“The above-mentioned poems teach the world how drug abuse can destroy and shatter a person’s dreams,” said Nyanduri.

He welcomed everyone to join the initiative and help the young generation to become sober by helping in cash or kind, so that he goes around the colleges and universities.

“On my Awareness Campaign, I am welcoming everyone to join the movement physically, or financially so that we help our youth to leave the dangerous drugs,” pleaded Nyanduri.

Last year, Nyanduri toured primary and secondary schools doing campaigns. This year, he is targeting Colleges and Universities.

“Last year I was campaigning and doing awarenesses in high and primary schools, teaching them through my advocacy poetry. Now it’s time for tertiary institutions of learning because drugs and substance abuse is now a pandemic there. It needs God’s intervention and the whole nation to join hands and take serious action before it’s too late,” he added.

Nyanduri, who is also an accomplished Entrepreneur, said he is helping drug addicts to have free rehabilitation and it is a good gesture as the addicts are helped.

“I am also helping drug addicts to get free Rehabilitation and I feel good that it is changing their lives and most of them are starting to realize their dreams,” said Nyanduri.