Aspiring CCC Musiiwa Ward 16 councillor promises improved service delivery

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By Own Correspondent

Aspiring Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidate for Musiiwa Ward 16 under Bindura South constituency in Mashonaland Central has promised to improve the people’s lives if elected into council.

Speaking to this publication, Passmore Mupungai, an administrator by profession, vowed that if elected as a councilor, would work flat out to see the residents’ lives improve.

“My aim is not to get into council for riches or as a way of employment. I would want to see this place developing in all aspects. I have a set of targets for this area,” he said.

Asked what he had in mind for the people, Mupungai had this to say, “Looking at the state of the roads in our ward, especially those that link Musiiwa and Gwaze, one can see that they are in a deplorable state. They need attention. If you go to our dip tanks, there are no chemicals. Cattle are dying and nothing is being done by those representing the area. This is going to be my first port of call and it’s part of my grand plan for this area.”

The CCC aspiring candidate also promised to use his vast experience in administration to source medication for the local clinic.

“Our clinic has not enough medication for our people. We shouldn’t wait for government allocations. I’m promising that I will use my connectivity to the corporate world to source medicines and other equipment to use at our local clinic. I know how to go about it.

“People who live west of Musiiwa business center (areas like Jaji and Gwaze) are at great risk when crossing Mudotwe River during the rainy season. No one seems to be doing anything about it. It is one area that I will attend to. A footbridge needs to be erected. I will make sure that I engage the relevant stakeholders for that to happen,” elaborated Mupungai.

He also expressed concern over government inputs and food aid distribution in the ward. He said all people in Ward 16 are Zimbabwean citizens and thus should have equal access to these handouts from their government.

“If I am given the chance by the electorate, I will make sure that the politicization of food handouts becomes a thing of the past. We are all citizens. No one is special or inferior to another. Every resident of this ward has a right to government privileges despite his political affiliation.”

Passmore said leaders are there to unite people not take sides and divide the people.

“I would like to see a united Ward 16. We are one people. No one should be discriminated against. Elections should not divide us because they come and go but we continue to core exist together.”

Mupungayi was unanimously chosen to represent the party in the local authority elections in the just-ended CCC’s new candidate selection procedure.

Asked if he had any hope of winning the seat, he said “I am very hopeful of winning this one. People want to be led by visionary leaders. They want people with a clear roadmap to better lives and this is what the party is offering through its presidential candidate Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Together we will win.”

Bindura south Ward 16 will see Mupungai battling it out with Zanu PF’s Musopero who defeated the sitting councilor Jonga in the party’s primary elections held a few months ago.