Bishop Mazangwa heeds call to return to Zimbabwe


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By Byron Mutingwende

Charismatic South African-based prophet, Bishop Tinaishe Bruce Mazangwa is ready to retrace his footsteps back to Zimbabwe where calls for his immediate return are coming from Christians and non-believers alike who know him to be a vessel of God in the performance of miracles and healing.

His fellow colleague, Bishop Rocky Moyo, the Administrator of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe admitted that the Diaspora-based Bishop Mazangwa had transformed lives of many Zimbabweans by partnering in employing them under SUZ International Food Brands.

“Bishop Mazangwa has done a lot of charity work under this banner and is ready to take it back home. Coming back to his calling, he is a profound Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist and has a great Pastoral gift. That is why he is ordained as a Bishop,” Bishop Moyo said.

Among Bishop Mazangwa’s prophecies that were never published due to distance and the way he shuns publicity was the most popular on-point prophecy about the current president taking over.

“In September last year, Bishop Mazangwa prophesied that President ED would take over on the 19th of November. And it came to pass as it is. Among other unpublished facts are that he is a very powerful deliverance Minister,” said Reverend Sam Malunga of the Paradise Gates Ministries.

In a recent interview with Spiked Online Media, Bishop Mazangwa revealed that by public demand he was deciding to take all his God-inspired gifts back home in Zimbabwe.

Many would call him the Isaiah of today since he has displayed accuracy in government prophecies. Bishop Mazangwa highlighted that he was ready to help the country by praying for peace during the harmonised elections.