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Bon Marche hosts the first 2023 Walkarobics event, ushering a fresh start

Bon Marche event

The Bon Marche Liv It up Fiesta promotion commenced on the 19th of January 2023, with a clear promise of giving thousands of customers a FRESH START to the New Year. It has been lots of pomp and fun fare in Bon Marche stores as customers were treated to incredible instant prizes, as a reward for their shopping.

The brand is making sure two (2 customers) win prizes in every Bon Marche store, every single day. Customers have in so much welcomed this move as they walk away with their surprise prizes.

To top it all up, freshness never happens independently without the inclusion of physical activity. Bon Marche will be hosting a Walkarobics event which includes a walk and aero bath exercises on the morning of the 28th of January 2023 starting at 6 am.

There will be top fitness instructors to ensure customers who attend have the most amazing time of their lives. Fitness is deliberate, it is also a conscious indulgence that helps to keep the mind and generally the body alert. To live longer, we definitely need to stay fit. Bon Marche is a healthy lifestyle brand and there is none better to offer a complete circle in wellness outside them.

Customers can buy their regalia and kits from any of the stores in Harare. This is coming at the most affordable rates that allow all participants to have fun in this walk without burning their pockets. Registration also happens in-store, to ensure that on the day, one just comes prepared to have lots and lots of FUN!!!

The brand is partnering with the best in supporting the walk and activities of the day. From refreshments to any fresh supporting products, big brands will be there to make it feel whole. Experience, they say is key for them and hence they are making sure all participants will be tended to and shall be comfortable.

Lastly, after the main event of the day, there will be a market day, selling again the top premium fresh products so that customers can carry them with them when they leave the store. All should come prepared to grab the best. It is a day we are all waiting for, we can only look forward to how happy we will be with the simply good brand – Bon Marche.

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